By Yuvaap Team Publish Sep 14, 2023



Downward-Facing Dog

A classic yoga pose that strengthens your abs, lower back, and shoulders, all while providing a rejuvenating stretch.

Plank Pose

A core-strengthening powerhouse! Plank pose targets your abdominal muscles, obliques, and lower back. Hold this pose for increased endurance and sculpted abs.

Boat Pose

Boat pose challenges your core's strength and stability. It not only tones your abs but also improves balance and posture. Prepare to feel the burn!

Warrior III Pose

Warrior III is a dynamic pose that engages your core for balance. It tones your abdominals while enhancing your concentration and coordination.

Side Plank

A side plank is excellent for oblique strength. It helps create definition in your waistline and improves overall core stability.

Cobra Pose 

Cobra pose not only opens your chest but also strengthens your lower back and core. It's an essential addition to any core-focused yoga routine.

Bow Pose 

Feel the burn! Bow pose is an excellent core-strengthening and backbending pose. It targets your abdominals and stretches your entire front body.