By Yuvaap Team Publish Nov 7, 2023


Instead of electric lights or traditional candles, opt for diyas made from clay. These eco-friendly lamps not only add a traditional touch but are also biodegradable.

Use Diyas

Making rangoli is inherent in Diwali. Create vibrant rangolis with biodegradable materials like flower petals, rice flour, and coloured sand.

Eco-Friendly Rangoli

Choose eco-friendly gifts like plants, organic products, or handmade crafts, reducing waste and promoting sustainable living.

Gift Sustainably

Replace noisy and polluting firecrackers with noiseless and less harmful alternatives. Consider celebrating with sparklers and eco-friendly fireworks.

Say Yes To Green Crackers

Sparkle your home like a star by using LED lights for decoration. This will also minimize your electricity consumption.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Opt for reusable utensils such as glass or earthenware for an authentic experience. This will help you maintain a sense of tradition while reducing plastic waste.

Eco-friendly Diwali Party

Share the festive spirit by donating to those in need, supporting local charities, and making a positive impact on your community.

Donate to the Needy