Top 7 Ways For Nurturing Children's Gut Health

By Yuvaap Team Publish Jan 16, 2024


Make sure your child also gets a lot of good protein. Protein is what antibodies are made of, which fight off infections. Eggs, avocados, and beans can all be tasty.

Feed Your Child Good-Bacteria-Friendly Foods

When possible, avoid gut-damaging foods. For most people, processed foods, traditional dairy, GMO foods, gluten, and sugar cause some level of gut damage.

Limit Sugar and Processed Foods

Take your kids outside to play in the dirt. It is one of the best things you can do for your child's brain and gut health.

Play Outside

If you have seasonal allergies or a virus, don't take medicines. Follow the advice on the prescription very carefully and only use it when you need to treat bacterial infections.

Avoid Antibiotics

Nurture kids' gut microbiomes and enforce regular sleep and bedtime habits to increase their gut health and sleep.

Help Them Get Enough Sleep

Prebiotic fiber may benefit children's gut health by altering the microbiome's composition in the large intestine.

Feed Them With Prebiotics

Probiotic foods aid digestion and eliminate waste (kids call it “pooping”), preventing constipation and diarrhea.

Introduce probiotics