By Yuvaap Team Publish Sep 15, 2023



Day 1 - New Beginnings

Start your plant-based journey with a hearty breakfast of furits and nuts oatmeal and a colourful veggie stir-fry for dinner. Don't forget to snack on 

Day 2 - Green Goodness

Rise and shine with spinach and kale smoothies, a satisfying quinoa salad, and roasted vegetable rolls for dinner. Munch on your nutty snack!

Day 3 - Protein Power

Kickstart your day with a berry smoothie and plant-based proteins like tofu and chickpeas in dishes like tofu scramble and chickpea curry.

Day 4 - Comfort Classics

Indulge yourself in plant-based comfort foods like rice and lentils. For dessert,  you can enjoy a classic chickpea flour dhokla.

Day 5 - International Flavors

Become a globetrotter with a Thai-inspired coconut curry, a Mediterranean quinoa bowl with hummus, and a tropical fruit salad.

Day 6 - Balanced Bites

Find balance with a day of whole grains, legumes, and veggies. Try a green paratha, veggie cutlets, and a kale salad.

Day 7 - Culinary Creativity

Wrap up your week with creative plant-based dishes like stuffed bell peppers, sago noodles, and a refreshing fruit salad.