Gut Health and Inflammation: 6 Ways to Manage Inflammation

By Yuvaap Team Publish Jan 15, 2024


Probiotic foods have live bacteria in them, so eating probiotic foods improves gut health and reduces inflammation. Yogurt, kefir, and pickles are examples of probiotics.

Consuming Probiotic Foods

Prebiotics, rich in fiber, are foods that support gut microbes, including flax seeds, chia seeds, legumes, whole grains like oats, and vegetables like asparagus and artichokes.

Add Prebiotic Foods

High-stress levels can negatively impact gut health. It can be managed through simple techniques like deep breathing, meditation, mindfulness, and getting adequate rest.

Reduce Stress

Exercise positively impacts gut health, and reduces inflammation. Do simple exercises like walking, cycling, yoga, or swimming to improve overall well-being.

Stay Active

Antibiotic overuse can hurt the gut flora and cause inflammation. When people take medicines, their guts may not have any good bacteria after 6 months.

Avoid Accessive Antibiotics

Smoking can negatively impact your gut, heart, and lungs. Smoking changes gut flora by boosting dangerous germs and lowering healthy ones.

Avoid Smoking