6 Dynamic Gut Health Exercises For Weight Loss Success

By Yuvaap Team Publish Jan 17, 2024


Walking is a simple exercise that promotes intestinal contractility, aiding in stool passage through the colon, and can help prevent digestive problems and other medical conditions.

Brisk Walking

Cycling improves digestion, reduces water loss in stools, and reduces belly fat. It promotes regular bowel movements, reduced bloating, and increased energy.


Mind-body harmony, digestion, core strength, abdominal muscle relaxation, gut health, and gastrointestinal ailments like acid reflux, bloating, and stress are improved by yoga.


Situps and crunches on an empty stomach 4-5 times a week assist in maintaining abdominal muscles and minimize bloat and gas.

Situp and Crunches

Squeeze and drag pelvic floor muscles upward to control bladder and bowel motions. Do 20-30 repetitions every day and see a doctor for optimal results.

Pelvic Floor Activation

Breathing exercises can improve digestion, manage heartburn and bloating, and manage stress levels by practicing deep, slow breathing using belly muscles.

Breathing Exercise