By Yuvaap Team Publish Aug 16, 2023



Prana Mudra

Join the tips of the thumb, ring, and pinky fingers. Enhance vitality and balance blood sugar by practicing Prana Mudra daily.

Surya Mudra

Bend the ring finger to touch the base of the thumb and apply slight pressure. Boost digestion and regulate blood glucose with Surya Mudra's warming influence.

Gyan Mudra

Touch the thumb and index finger gently, leaving the remaining fingers extended. Manages stress and aids insulin sensitivity.

Linga Mudra

Interlock fingers and keep the left thumb erect. Ignite inner heat and aid insulin sensitivity through Linga Mudra practice.

Apana Mudra

Connect the thumb, middle, and ring fingers, keeping the others straight. It supports toxin elimination, improves digestion, and assists in diabetes management.