By Yuvaap Team Publish Jul 24, 2023

5 Easy Knee Pain Relief Exercises You Can Do At Home


A simple exercise that strengthens the knee, reduces pain, and improves overall joint function Just contract the quadriceps, hold, and release.

Quad Sets

It targets knee muscles, and promotes flexibility to alleviate pain and promote better knee function. Just lie down, lift, and lower the leg with control.

Straight Leg Raises

Hamstring Curls

Strengthen the hamstring muscles by targeting them; it improves knee stability, reduces pain, and enhances overall mobility. Just bend and straighten your knee.

strengthen the thighs and glutes and ease knee discomfort by enhancing knee function and reducing stress. Lean against the wall and squat with controlled movement.

Wall Squats

Calf raises strengthen the calf muscles and stabilize the knee joint. All you have to do is stand, rise on your toes, and lower down gently.

Calf Raises