By Yuvaap Team Publish Oct 30, 2023


This is the perfect start to your hip-opening journey. Child's Pose helps to relax and open up the hip joints. Gently sink back and breathe deeply into this calming position.

Child's Pose

Elevate your hip game with the Pigeon Pose. It's a powerful stretch that targets the hip flexors and outer hips. You'll feel all that tension melting away.

Pigeon Pose

Embrace your inner butterfly with this hip-opening classic. Butterfly Pose is a delightful way to release tension and open up your hips gracefully.

Butterfly Pose

Feel the strength and grace of a warrior as you open your hips in Warrior II. This pose engages the hips while building stability and endurance.

Warrior II

Get ready to channel your inner bliss with the Happy Baby Pose. This playful hip opener is sure to make you smile while stretching your hips and groin.

Happy Baby Pose

Bridge Pose is a fantastic way to strengthen and open up your hips. This dynamic posture engages your hip flexors and energizes your entire body.

Bridge Pose

Find a sense of grounding and flexibility with the Garland Pose. This deep squat opens up your hips and stretches the groin, promoting better mobility.

Garland Pose

Boost your hip flexibility and strength with the Extended Triangle Pose. It's a fantastic way to engage the hips while also improving your balance.

Extended Triangle Pose

Take your hips on a deep stretching saga with the Low Lunge. It's an excellent way to stretch the hip flexors and increase hip mobility.

Low Lunge

This is a fantastic yoga sequence for your hip-heaven journey. This gentle, rhythmic flow will open up your hips and improve your spine's flexibility.

Cat-Cow Stretch