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The terms and conditions stated below apply to every visitor, service user, or anyone who opts to use this website and App. The usage and access to any service related to the website will be included under the provisions of the terms and conditions of Life Alchemy. Products such as content, and any online services, which may be updated at regular intervals of time are at the sole discretion of Life Alchemy. So when you order any service or want access to any service, you are agreeing to accept all the provisions of Life Alchemy.


Life Alchemy offers varied courses right from a single session to weekly, and monthly courses of any duration as per the description provided on the course page. So you can sign up for a single session or for weekly courses as per your requirements. Our courses are paid as well as free as per the information given on the course page. So do check out our course and services page thoroughly.


All the users who have bought the courses or subscriptions of Life Alchemy will be able to access our online services. You will be able to access all the products and services of Life Alchemy through these plans. However, you will get access to services if your plan is fully paid and active.
Our subscription plans are based annually and monthly. Any purchase or transaction will be done only through the website or payment sharing the link of Life Alchemy. You can pay for the services through a Credit or Debit card, UPI transaction, or bank transfer. If you feel like canceling the subscription, then you can cancel any time you want. Your services will remain active until the end of your previous payment.

Discount Codes

The promotional code will not be clubbed with any other offers, whether it is a discounted rate offer or any other coupon. Promotional codes are valid for certain periods and after that, your subscription plan or course fees will be returned to the original pricing.

Gift Subscription

Gift subscriptions or coupons are like a prepaid subscription to the product. The person who has purchased the gift coupon is known as “Gift or” and the person who received it is the “recipient”. Gift coupons are only valid for one time. You can contact [email protected] in case you have any queries related to the usage of gift coupons. The gift coupon can not be redeemed as cash and cannot be clubbed with any other discount code. Since the gift coupons are valid for a certain period, it is advised that you use your gift coupon in the given period of time. Life Alchemy does not hold any responsibility in case your gift subscription is used by someone else without your permission.

Corporate Subscription

Many corporate communities purchase products or service subscriptions for their employees. In these scenarios, they also clubbed their own terms and conditions in addition to the Life Alchemy terms and conditions. So if you are using our services through your company subscription then the terms and conditions of the services will be those of the company. So kindly contact your organization for detailed terms and conditions in case you have any doubts.

Changing Fee

Life Alchemy reserves all the right to change our subscription plan or any adjustment in the pricing of any of our services in any manner. However, any changes in the pricing of the subscription plan will come into effect following notification to you.

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation by you
1In the case of our online courses, our refund clauses are as follows:

  • Three days before class: 75% refund or an option for rescheduling.
  • Forty-eight hours before class: 50% refund

After that, you won’t be entitled to get any refund from our end. Since our courses are online and the seats are reserved so if you need to cancel it then you have to inform us beforehand so that we can give your spot to someone else.
2. You can cancel your monthly subscription within three days of making your first payment. You will have to mail to [email protected] and request for refund. In that case, Life Alchemy offers a full refund to you. After the period of three days, no request for a refund will be entertained by us. In case your subscription gets renewed and you want to cancel it, then you will not be eligible for the refund.
3. If you have purchased our course or subscription from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes, then you can cancel the subscription through your account settings under your subscriptions (play store). In the case of Apple iTunes, you can cancel your subscription by canceling your automatic renewal (iTunes).
Note: In case you have purchased your course or subscription from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes Store. To get a refund in that scenario, then you have to send an email to our team with a copy of your purchase receipt number at [email protected] within three days of making your payment for the subscription. In the case of courses, adhere to the clause mentioned above.

Cancellation by us
There might be a cancellation of your subscription or due courses in case of unavailability of teachers or any unprecedented event; in that case; Life Alchemy will offer you a refund for your course or subscription. You will be notified of this via your registered email Id, through us. Our online courses or other services are only for viewing, not for downloading and sharing. In that case, Life Alchemy holds the full right to cancel your membership without any prior notification to you.


The material you will be provided during your course is for personal usage and you do not hold any authority to post it on the social media platform in your name. You cannot share these products or materials with your friends, family, or anywhere else. In that scenario, Life Alchemy holds the full right to take any legal action against you.

You can only post or distribute certain material to your personal social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform which will be marked as “distributional content”.
 If you alter or modify any material provided by us and distribute it publicly, then Life Alchemy holds a full right to take action against you apart from terminating your subscription.

Availability of Product

  1. Life Alchemy feels responsible to provide you with genuine and reliable materials and products during the service, although we cannot make that promise that it will meet all of your requirements. We try to offer you genuine and fault-free service, however, if we fail to do so due to some technical error or any unprecedented event, email us at [email protected]. We will look into the matter and try to resolve the issue if we find it relevant as we have prepared all the materials or products after a lot of research.
  2. During that period, if we feel the need, then you might not be able to access your course or material while we look into it. You will receive a prior notification about it, but you cannot hold us liable for that as we are working on making our courses and services better for you.
  3. In that scenario, our provisions for making amendments to your order and other cancellation charges are applicable. You have to mail your order number along with payment details to [email protected] and we will do the necessary.
  4. We guarantee you that all of our courses or services purchased by you through our platform will be of satisfactory quality.
  5. We guarantee you that we will make the best of our efforts to deliver you genuine and reliable content for your courses and subscriptions.


All the content and materials provided to you during the courses are for information purposes only. We have done thorough research to prepare the most reliable course material for you. Life Alchemy is an online platform that provides information on health, fitness, healthy eating, yoga, meditation, and chemical-free living. But one should not use the information provided by us for any medical purposes. Only your doctor holds a right to do so, and Life Alchemy does not hold any accountability that our services or courses will benefit you in any medical condition.

Our information is based on research on the masses, but every individual is different, and so is their condition. Hence, it is necessary to not rely solely on the information and ignore any medical advice provided by your doctor. We are here to support you in your overall health and wellness, not to halt it.

End-user license

  1. These provisions outlined by Life Alchemy, allow you to use your course material for private viewing and personal usage.
  2. All the titles, rights, and ownership of the products, video content, and service will remain with Life Alchemy. You can view the content for personal usage, but you cannot share it or sell it to anyone claiming it as your own.
  3. You are not permitted to temper, modify, store, or copy the product material.
  4. You cannot use our product and any related content to create any tool, software, or similar platform. In that scenario, Life Alchemy will take legal action against you.
  5. You can not share any of our content with the public through any means, e.g. – social media platforms, except for the part that is entitled as “distributional content” by Life Alchemy.
    These terms and conditions will change from time to time, so make sure to visit the page regularly.

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