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Benefits Of Yoga For Students To Remove Stress

Benefits Of Yoga For Students And How To Get Started

Life can be pretty hectic for students. For example, waking up early to go to school and college, studying late for exams, homework, and juggling meals for hostel and pg students; well, it's a lot to balance. Also, everyday issues can also cause a lot of stress. So how to balance all of this is…

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how to choose yoga mat

How To Choose Best Yoga Mat?

Long-hail yoga for impeccable positive effects on the mind, body, and soul. A holistic practice that builds strength, relieves stress and anxiety and improves your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Unlike other fitness activities, you don't need much gear to start your yogic journey. A good-quality yoga mat will do the job. Gone are…

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Five Anti-Aging Facial Yoga Exercises

Facial Yoga: The Natural Way to Anti-Aging

Ageing is a graceful process, with age we gain more experience and knowledge but the ardent desire of human race to look younger will never perish, deep down all of us desire if we could look younger than our age, so you see a younger looking skin is not a strange obsession and luckily enough…

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Face Yoga Exercises For The Face And Neck

Yoga Poses For A Beautiful Neck And Face

You might have heard miracles of yoga and exercise when it comes to overall well-being of the body but do you know with the help of yoga and exercise you can sculpt your facial and neck muscles too?  Now, there is no denying that we all yearn for celebrity like features, pointed nose, chiseled jawline,…

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Face Yoga and Natural Beauty Exercises

8 Facial Yoga Exercises: The Natural Way to Beautiful Skin

Do you want to know how beauty professionals and celebrities manage healthy glowing skin and look great? If so, this is the article for you. Face Yoga is a set of yoga movements that can help you relax your face muscles and decrease the look of wrinkles. These face yoga exercises you may do at…

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Yoga with Yuvaap – Live Session

Yoga with Yuvaap - Live Session Yoga is a very powerful tool that helps people to overcome their obstacles and lead them to the path of wellness, joy, and happiness. When it comes to yoga people think it is all about asanas, but there is so much more to yoga than asanas. There are all…

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Powerful Yoga Asanas for Skin Whitening

Best 7 Yoga Poses For Skin Whitening-Asanas That Work Wonders

Before anything else it is necessary to understand that white skin is an unrealistic beauty standard prevalent in modern society as beauty is not associated with a specific skin color. Bright and glowing skin is however something that constant practice of yoga can help you with. Yoga helps by enhancing the blood flow towards the…

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Yoga Yoga is a spiritual discipline that is based on the subtle science of creating harmony between your mind, body, and soul. It is not just a medium to increase flexibility and get a lean body; it is an art and age-old science that serves as a building block of healthy and sound living. Derived…

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Vijay kumar Pandey

Know Your Yoga Mentor – Vijay Kumar Pandey

Know Your Yoga Mentor - Vijay Kumar Pandey Yoga is a beautiful balance between exertion and relaxation, flexibility and strength. Specialty – Therapeutic yoga for muscle stiffness, injury and mobility issues. Experience – 15 years.   Credentials - Post graduate diploma in Yoga (2009), Masters in Yoga (2020), 500 hours Yoga Teachers Training, RYT -200…

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Yoga Can Enhance Your Internal Beauty

The Ultimate Guide To Enhancing Your Beauty With Yoga

Beauty is an innate expression. Still, your mind and your lifestyle have a very strong connection with your beauty. Our skin expresses unspoken emotions to the world. If you are feeling great it will show on your skin. If you feel embarrassed your skin turns pink and when you are sick you become pale. But…

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