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Adolescents' Mental Health

Mental Health Issues On the Rise Among Adolescents, Young Adults

There is no denying the fact that growing up is difficult. Adolescence is a phase when young people struggle to fit in socially and emotionally, and they have their own challenges and problems to deal with. Mental health issues are prevalent at this age. So let's step into their shoes and imagine –they are living…

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How Physical Exercise Makes Your Brain Work Better

The Best Physical Exercises For Brain Health

Regular physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to benefitting our muscles and bones, physical exercises also enable our brain to remain healthy and well functioning. Moreover, physical fitness also enhances our mental well-being, which further aids our brain in learning, problem-solving, and maintaining emotional equilibrium. It also helps in improving…

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Relaxation Techniques To Manage Stress

Simple Ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Stress is a state of tension, either emotionally or physically. Any circumstance or idea that gives you cause for annoyance, rage, or anxiety can trigger it. Stress can occasionally be advantageous, like when it helps you finish work within a deadline. However, chronic stress is hazardous to your health. People experience stress daily. Everyday stresses…

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Secret To Healthy Living

Secret To A Healthy Life: Balancing Body, Mind, and Soul

In today's era, we all are busy in the hustle and bustle of our lives so much that we spend most of our time stressed. From fulfilling our work commitments to meeting life goals and running behind our never-ending dreams, we are always occupied. And sadly, in this busy schedule, our health often takes the…

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Chakras And Their Relationship

7 Chakras And Their Connection To The Human Body

Most of us know that there are seven main chakras in our body, and time and again, we have heard people talking about the importance of cleaning your chakras. And of course, people who were born before 2000 must have seen the most popular series of the late 90s, ‘Shaktimaan’. In the show, there were…

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Ayurveda Eating Rules

Ayurveda Eating Rules: How To Balance Your Doshas

Food is a keystone when it comes to maintaining robust health and Ojas (vitality). As per Ayurveda, a healthy diet is always a principal means of creating health and wellness in your mind and body. This ancient system of healing aims to heighten your overall health and wellbeing by recommending a diet that suits your…

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Energy Sources Vs. Nutrients: What You Need To Know

Have you ever thought about the early human, or say, about our ancestors. They lived in the forests and had a long life unless met by any accident. Our ancestors neither counted on the calories nor discussed the nutrients. They had limited food sources in the forests; then how did they receive enough energy? What…

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What Is God

How To Connect With God: Practices And Rituals

What is God? What is the meaning of God? This is a matter that has been taken in a very comprehensive manner. Every religion has a different approach to this. Every religious scripture such as Bhagwad Geeta, Quran Sharif, and Holy Bible depict God in different ways. The Patanjali yoga sutra and spirituality hold a…

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Wellness Gift Ideas

Wellness Gift Ideas For A Healthier Life

After the last few years, we've had, everyone deserves some great wellness gifts this festive season. Maybe your list is full of people who are well versed in meditation, aromatherapy, and fitness, or maybe you're really trying to get your friend to start journaling. Wellness practices are actually more accessible than you might think, and…

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