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Know Your Yoga Mentor – Vijay Kumar Pandey

Yoga is a beautiful balance between exertion and relaxation, flexibility and strength.

  • Specialty – Therapeutic yoga for muscle stiffness, injury and mobility issues.
  • Experience – 15 years.  
  • Credentials – Post graduate diploma in Yoga (2009), Masters in Yoga (2020), 500 hours Yoga Teachers Training, RYT -200 (2014), E-RYT- 200 (2017).

Mr. Vijay Kumar Pandey is an eminent Yoga teacher with 15 years of experience. He excelled himself in Iyengar Yoga under the guidance of revered master BKS Iyengar. He has successfully conducted various workshops on Yoga Therapy throughout Asian and European countries. He believes the holistic practice of Yoga can transform the health paradigm for better. For him Yoga is not just a profession but a way of living. As a full time Yoga teacher, Mr. Pandey seeks to train his students on therapeutic uses of Yoga to cure various health condition and revive the flexibility of body. He looks at yoga as a way to restore the lost connection with one’s body.  Get ready to experience the miraculous benefits of Yoga, Asana and Breathwork as your journey of wellness is about to kickstart under the expertise and guidance of Vijay Sir.

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