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Vijay Kumar Pandey is an eminent yoga teacher with a whopping 15 years of experience and is quite a name in the yoga fraternity. For Vijay sir, yoga is not just a mere profession; it is a way of life. From a very early age, Vijay had absolute clarity about what he wanted to pursue. His passion for yoga drove him to seek more knowledge about this holistic practice. Therefore, he decided to pursue 500 Hours YTT from Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, which is a very renowned institution. This yoga TTC course intrigued him more to learn about yoga in a much more structured way; that’s why he completed his post-graduation diploma in yoga in 2009 where he got the opportunity to learn all the nooks and nuances of Iyengar yoga from the revered master BKS Iyengar himself. He simultaneously continued his journey as a yoga teacher and completed his masters in yoga in 2020 from Haridwar to deepen his understanding of yogic teaching and its therapeutical uses. Through years of unwavering practice and teaching experience, he was accredited by Yoga Alliance International as RYT-200 and E-RYT-200 in 2014 and 2017. He did his Yoga Teacher Certificate for Europe and American Countries in 2015.

Yoga Mentor Vijay Kumar Pandey

He is known for conducting various workshops on yoga therapy, handstands, and backbends throughout Asian and European countries such as Malaysia, China, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and Sri Lanka. Currently, he is a full-time yoga teacher and Manager of U Plus Fitness Co Ltd, where he shares his knowledge of yoga teaching and its therapeutic uses for various health conditions. He is an expert in Iyengar yoga, yoga therapy, and handstands, so get ready to gain strengthen your upper body.

For Vijay sir, yoga is a beautiful balance between exertion and relaxation, flexibility and strength. His classes are an amalgamation of relaxation, mobility, and strength which is highly beneficial for people who have some sort of injuries or mobility issues. It is also beneficial for people who hold so much tension in their muscles as you will feel that your stiffness of muscles is gone. He aims to bring some kind of uniqueness to his classes and workshops through his expertise. He thinks that in the modern world, where people are so disconnected from their body, and breath and are in the blight of so many ailments yoga is a way for holistic wellness and restores that lost connection with the body.

Through asanas, yoga props, pranayama, and strong intention, his goal is to empower their students and have their students leave with a sense of refreshment and relaxation. Expect to feel physically and mentally challenged, lot of breathwork, and release every emotional tension in his class.

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