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Know Your Yoga Mentor – Mr. Yoga Venkatesh

Yoga mentoring

  • Specialty – Consulting, Coaching, Seminars etc.
  • Experience – 13 years.
  • Credentials – Certification in yoga

Yoga Venkatesh Indian Author, Life Coach, Yoga Mentor.

Yoga Venkatesh on mission mental health. He committed to spread ancient knowledge, proven solutions & share his wisdom to all .

Yoga Venkatesh born in 1979. He was college drop out and started work for livelihood from 1995 at the age of 16 year.

He quit job after 13 years work in 2008 to follow his passion. He started find opportunities to enter his passion field cinema. Along that he started his life transformation journey with yoga & ancient knowledge.

Yoga Venkatesh found his purpose of life after 14 years daily practice yoga and ancient psychology ( Patanjali yoga sutras)

Yoga Venkatesh celebrating his life by practice all forms of yoga and sharing his wisdom to people with Gratitude & Love.

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