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Reiki is a kind of complementary healing practices that promotes relaxation by reducing stress and anxiety through the power of gentle touch. Reiki healing has its roots in ancient Japanese medicine. “Reiki” is a combination of the Japanese words “rei,” which means “universal,” and “ki,” which means “life force.” It is based on the concept that our bodies have an unseen flow of life energy, which can sometimes get stagnant as a result of injury or emotional pain. Reiki is a powerful tool that removes all the energy blocks and raises the flow of energy throughout the body.

During the practice, the practitioner moves their hands over the body of the client or over some specific areas such as the torso, head, or limb where the energy is supposed to be stagnant. The practitioner will keep his or her hands in these positions for 3–10 minutes, and the client will feel the warmth radiating from the hands of the practitioner. This helps the practitioner enable the flow of energy through the affected part of the body and further charge it with positive energy. It promotes deep relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, relieves pain, and heals emotional distress and sorrows.


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