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Know Your Physiotherapy Mentor – Dr. Vishakha Hipparge

  • Specialty
  1. Dry needling therapy
  2. Chiropractic alignment
  3. Advance laser and Matrix rhythm therapy
  4. Electrotherapy
  5. Advance alignment exercises
  6. Posture correction and maintenance
  • Experience – 8 Yrs
  • Credentials – I am master’s in cardiovascular and respiratory science and my 2nd master’s in in Chiropractic alignment from Sweden

I am Dr. Vishakha Hipparge; physiotherapist and chiropractor with my own set up in kalyani nagar and now our own department in West valley multi speciality hospital in Pune itself. I’ve been practicing for almost 8 years in various hospitals and for almost 4 years I have my own clinic. The only way to fight pain is through physiotherapy. Pain killers just kill the pain. They don’t fix the cause of the pain. Physiotherapy is the future to living a pain-free life. There is no alternative to exercises and physiotherapy and chiropractic alignment demands an exercise protocol which is specially tailored to your needs and conditions! That’s what we do!

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