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If you are dealing with an injury or chronic pain that hampers your day-to-day mobility, you might have to resort to physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a practise or a treatment that helps in managing chronic pain and the mobility of a patient. Physiotherapists work with patients to help them manage their pain and improve their mobility and balance. Generally, physiotherapists are recommended after surgery, an accident, or chronic pain, especially in the lower back. They work with the patients and tailor programmes as per the patients’ needs so that they can restore their mobility and functionality. They use physical approaches, i.e., exercises, to promote and maintain patient physical and psychological balance after taking their health status into consideration. Physiotherapists are focused on patients’ treatment and rehabilitation that may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Injury
  • Rehabilitation after heart attack
  • Chronic pain in bones, joints, and muscles, e.g., arthritis
  • Brain and nervous system (stroke, multiple sclerosis)
  • Lungs and respiratory ailments such as asthma
  • Loss of strength in muscles; stiffness; fatigue, e.g., cancer

A physiotherapist will learn about your medical condition and diagnose it. Then a physiotherapist will devise a treatment plan suited to your condition so that you can live a pain-free and agile life.


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