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Know Your Meditation Mentor – Mr. Devendra Dewal

Meditation, Mindfulness and Wellness

  • Specialty – Workshops, Seminars, Personal coaching, and sessions – in the area of Meditation, Mindfulness, Stress, Communication, and Life issues of people.
  • Experience – 40 Yrs
  • Credentials – Graduation in Science (Biology)- B. Sc. –from the University of Rajasthan, Graduation in Law — L. L.B from University of Jodhpur

Devendra Singh Dewal is a Facilitator, Trainer and coach in the areas of Meditation & Mindfulness, Stress Management, Emotional Wellness, Communication, Counselling and other skills for better and conscious living.

With an experience of more than 40 years in the field of Self-development, he is working with people from many countries and from all walks of life. Using various methods of Awareness for coming out of the life issues and living a life with joy, awareness and celebration.

He is travelling around the world for Meditation Events, Workshops, Trainings and Individual Sessions. He has worked in many countries including- China, Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Lithuania, Malaysia, Brazil, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan etc.

Working at OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune (India), where people from more than 120 countries visit to learn a new way of living through OSHO vision, OSHO Active Meditations and contemporary therapies that help for a life of Awareness.

With his own experience of meditation, facilitation skills and his experience of working with people from around the world, his work has a quality of deep understanding of human mind and issues. And that way his work, helps in empowering participants to deal with challenges and create a life as they wish.

Creating experience of being Conscious, being Aware is the key method Devendra uses to work with people – and in that light of Awareness and Relaxation, one becomes capable to come out of stress, tensions in the body and conditioning and patterns of the mind. That brings a quality to live a consciously in freedom and wisdom. And everyone has the potential for that quality of living.

He is facilitating variety of Workshops, Seminars and Individual Sessions that helps participants to come out of their life issues and to live effective and joyful life. Business Executives or Students or Parents or Teachers, Old or Young –all kind of people have been benefitted by range of methods offered by Devendra, which are scientific, practical and works for modern stressful life, that we live.


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