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Know Your Hypnotherapy Mentor – Mr. Manish Khernar

  • Specialty – Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Angel Therapy, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Healing.
  • Experience – 6 years.
  • Credentials – BE (EC), CHt, MD(AM)
    Professional Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association

A studious & spiritually curious kid created a glorious career as a communications engineer but with his inherent spiritual nature he finally end up in leaving the lucrative and successful corporate career and walk on the unknown and unexplored path of spiritual seeking which lead him to becoming a spiritual healer & therapist.

His desire to know more always brought him to books, meditations, sadhus and siddhas living in solitude of deep forests and the depth of his understanding of existence makes this clearly evident.

His diverse experience of life, be it as a logically thinking engineer, a disciplined NCC Air wing cadet (who proudly represented his Unit in the most prestigious national camps like RDC & Air force attachment camp), a dynamic corporate leader, a powerful theatre actor/writer/director, an accredited chapter President of a global business network, a reader, or as a meditator roaming in the unknown valleys of spiritual hills of India, has not just made him an outstanding individual but also an out of the box healer.

When his Gurus and Guides encouraged him to be a therapist to finish his unfinished tasks before moving forward on the path of Kundalini yoga, Manish rigorously started learning the Hypnotherapeutic skills. He learned and mastered the various hypnotic skills from the globally known institutes like Ekaa School of Integrated Hypnotherapy, HMI – California, 5 Path hypnosis Texas, Ultra Depth hypnosis, Experiential hypnosis etc.

He is one of the very few spiritual healers, who are practicing hypnotherapy as a full time healing modality.
Manish is founder & director of Swa-Darshana – An Appointment with yourself..!, an Ahmedabad based initiative which is successfully helping people to connect with their inner happy self.

It is always a pleasant experience to listen to his podcasts, interviews or attend his daily online healing meditation sessions or to have his personal therapy sessions.

Look for Manish Khernar or SwaDarshana on Google to know more about his contribution, his work, his thoughts and the testimonials of his clients.


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