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Healthy Food

We are what we eat. Food is not just a fuel for our body, which gives us energy, but also impacts our overall mood. Most people turn to food when they are anxious, stressed, sad, or happy. As we eat, we feel instantly better because of the dopamine rush in the brain, which gives instant gratification. Certain foods make us happy, and certain foods, especially high-protein foods, improve our concentration. So how can we make some better food choices when we know that they can directly impact our mood and overall wellbeing? A healthy food or meal is not just composed of protein but is a combination of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, and fibre. When your food contains all these elements, then only you can call it a well-balanced meal. But how can you do that, especially when we are surrounded by so much packaged food that claims to offer us all the goodness of real food in a few minutes? In this drool-worthy haven of delectable recipes, you’ll find some easy snackable and wholesome meals bursting with nutrients, as well as some useful hacks.


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