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Know Your Mentors

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”- Oprah Winfrey Mentors motivate, support, guide, inspire and help the mentee to achieve their higher aspirations. If we put it in simple words, a mentor is a person that will help you when you feel stuck on your journey towards your best self. An experienced mentor can share his knowledge, experience, resources, and wisdom, which is a key to a healthy mentoring relationship. The sharing of knowledge, professional skills, and personal support expedite success on every level. It is a relationship that is simply focused on the success and growth and development of their mentee, and for that, they offer their valuable suggestions and guidance. It is a kind of unique relationship that grows over the period between the mentee and the mentor. When it comes to success, many people credit their mentors for their growth. Although each mentee develops at their own pace, yet having this type of support system can have a long-lasting effect. Here at Yuvaap, you will meet some experienced people who will guide you through your journey toward your overall wellness. They will present as your support system, and your guide and will share their experiences and valuable advice that will facilitate your journey towards your overall wellbeing. Find your mentors here!

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