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After the last few years, we’ve had, everyone deserves some great wellness gifts this festive season. Maybe your list is full of people who are well versed in meditation, aromatherapy, and fitness, or maybe you’re really trying to get your friend to start journaling. Wellness practices are actually more accessible than you might think, and can also be a helpful way to cope with anxiety. And because wellness can take so many forms, there’s no shortage of gifts to talk to someone who likes (or needs) to invest in self-care this year. When you give someone a gift that helps them prioritize their well-being, you show them that you care. And hey, there’s nothing stopping you from getting one of these gifts.

For someone dealing with anxiety or feeling burnt out-

  1. Weighted blanket
  2. Dark chocolates
  3. Stress relief candles
  4. Gym membership 
  5. Tea kit 
  6. Essential oil diffuser 
  7. At-home spa gift basket
  8. House plant 
  9. Gift card for a massage
  10. Journal  
  11. Adult coloring book 

For someone feeling burnt out-

  1. Gratitude Journal 
  2. A getaway trip
  3. Books from their wishlist or Audiobook subscription
  4. Music or podcast subscription

For gym enthusiasts- 

Gifts idea For gym enthusiasts
  1. Smartwatch or activity tracker 
  2. Yoga mat 
  3. Sturdy water bottle for running sessions or gym
  4. At-home gym equipment (dumbbells, resistance band, etc.)
  5. Boxing bag and gloves set 

For foodies- 

Gifts idea for foodies
  1. Cookbook of healthy recipes 
  2. Basket of healthy snacks
  3. Blender or juicer
  4. Air fryer 
  5. Coffee maker

For a friend who is sleep deprived- 

Gifts idea for sleep deprived
  1. Silk pillowcases
  2. Comfy pajamas
  3. Wedge pillow 
  4. Wake-up light and alarm clock
  5. White noise machine 
  6. Lavender pillow spray 
  7. Subscription to sleep aid podcast

Ideas for simple wellness gifts-

Ideas for simple wellness gifts
  1. Self-care basket 
  2. Fluffy bathrobe 
  3. Fuzzy socks
  4. A day at a wellness spa
  5. Cozy, supportive slippers 
  6. Noise-canceling earbuds 

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