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You might have heard a lot about miracles of meditation. Do you know meditation is not only about sitting at a place with your eyes closed. Meditation has so many practices that it is not possible to count all. At once, there are as many ways of performing meditation as one can imagine of, but now since we live in a chaotic world and it is really hard to set aside some time for meditation. How about a meditation that can be well cooperated with your busy schedule? Well, we are talking about mindful walking meditation. Let’s discuss how to perform walking meditation and save your precious time. 

Walking Meditation Practices 

Walking Meditation is more like a perfect blend of mindfulness and physical activity. We can say walking meditation is a mobilized meditation. Mindful Walking Practice involves walking while being aware of our movements and everything around us. It requires us to concentrate on every sensation our body feels with our eyes open. This meditation is a good way of establishing connection between mind and body and bringing them in sync. There is a Variety of Walking Meditation Practices depending on the place of walking such as 

  • Waking in nature 
  • Walking in home 
  • Walking in the city 

Walking Meditation Guide 

Walking Meditation is an extremely easy and efficient way of getting the best out of meditation. It is important to know how to achieve this Walking Mindfulness, but you need not to worry we are here with Walking Meditation 101. 


The first thing you need to consider before starting your daily mindful walking practice. A nice place where you can stroll for a while, the place should be peaceful, somewhere you wouldn’t be disturbed, the place can be anywhere indoor or outdoor. You must make sure you won’t get disturbed during your session. 


Before you start walking, take a few deep breaths and notice how you are feeling. Observe every sensation in your body, the ground beneath you, the wind passing by, your posture, and every feeling you are having at that moment.


Now start walking, take 10-20 steps along a line, make sure your pace is slow. Don’t let go of any sensation be it sound, visual or tactical stimuli, try to be in present. Try to sync your breathing rhythm with your movements, once you complete 10-20 steps along the lie turn around and walk again. This way, continue walking. 


While walking, try to focus on your breath and every movement you make, make yourself receptive. To all the external stimuli you are receiving and notice everything without getting involved. And act like an external observer, notice thoughts coming and going in your mind.


Walking meditation can be best practiced while walking at a slow pace, as it will give the mind more time to process everything happening around us. The posture should also be correct while walking; the upper body should be aligned and upright, and leg muscles should be relaxed so that you can enjoy your walking experience.

Fighting Distractions 

It is not easy being in present, our mind is very hard to tame. So get ready for the unleashed behavior of your mind in walking meditation too. But you must be ok with it, as it is natural with time and practice you will experience more steadiness and concentration. Putting any kind of stress or force stopping your thoughts is not the solution. You can however try bringing back your focus to the present. 

Walking Meditation Benefits 

Walking meditation brings a goody bag of benefits with it, it creates a bridge between physical and mental activities and serves as an efficient way of incorporating meditation in our daily lives. Even a 30-minute walking Meditation in your daily routine can change your life extensively, below are some of the numerous benefits of Mindful walking Meditation

  • Improves Blood Circulation- Walking includes the whole body and engages all organs hence it is good for the blood circulation, specially for those who have a sedentary life style. 
  • Increased Awareness- Daily Walking meditation fills us with a positive energy and a steep increase in our awareness can be noted, we become more synced with our mind.
  • Mental Clearness- depression and anxiety is very common among youth today and walking mindfulness can help lot in getting rid of the mental clutter. 
  • Beginner Friendly – Walking Meditation is extremely beginner friendly exercise; it is very easy to perform and requires no additional equipment. 
  • Time Efficient – It is very easy to incorporate walking meditation in our busy schedule, you can easily incorporate it as walking is an everyday task. 


Due to the hustle bustle of the modern world, meditation has become a necessity, as the busier we get the more cluttered our minds become, which leads to depression and anxiety and finding time for self is a luxury, walking meditation however comes with solutions. 

Walking meditation is an easy to incorporate mindful meditation practice which gives us both mental and physical benefits, walking meditation provides us an opportunity to connect with ourselves and our surroundings so leave behind the excuses and take a step forward towards self-heeling because more than anything else “you matter.”

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