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Is fresh food for dogs are worth the hype? We humans are becoming aware of the role of how adding fresh food to our diet is important for maintaining good health. Just like humans, food is also an important aspect of the health of dogs. However, like us, our canine friends don’t get the chance to choose what they have to eat. Hence it is our duty to choose the best for the health and energy levels of our canines. Over the past decades, we have swapped our diet from fast and microwavable food to fresh vegetable and whole-food diets; but, our pups have been eating the same store-bought kibble for many years.

Commercial dog food

When it comes to the benefits of dog food, it loses all the nutrients including all the vitamins and minerals as they are cooked at a very high temperature to kill all the bacteria and viruses. Also, many commercial pet foods contain meats and by-products and contain a huge amount of preservatives and artificial chemicals which can cause severe health issues to your pet. So even though you are buying that organic variety of kibble that claims to be the best for your pet, the reality is different.

Plus, how much we humans can technically survive on eating French fries or chips every day. Like us how long our pets can survive on the same old processed food, even they also need fresh home-cooked meals just like us for better health.

10 Benefits of Feeding Fresh Food to your Dogs

Here are some benefits of feeding fresh food to your dogs.

1. Prevent diseases

Prevent diseases

Fresh food helps in preventing a lot of ailments in pets as these foods are rich in high-quality protein and immune-boosting antioxidants. According to a study feeding green, leafy, and yellow vegetables two or three times a week to your canine can prevent urinary bladder carcinomas in them (study 1).

2. Improves digestion of your dog

A mixture of vegetables and fruits is great for your dog as it contains a balance of essential nutrients for dogs. Also in summer yogurt is great for your pups as it keeps its digestive system optimum. Regarding the best grain free food for dogs, you can feed them wheatgrass as it is highly beneficial for dogs as it detoxes their system. The non-fermentable fiber help in regulating the bowel movement of the dogs and prevent issues like gas and loose stools.

3. In managing weight

In managing weight

Managing a healthy weight is not only essential for humans but also for your dogs as it prevents many weight-related ailments. Homemade dog food has a high concentration of nutrients, fibers, and water that makes your dog full even without consuming a lot of calories. Unlike store-bought dog meal, which contains a lot of starch and causes weight gain.

4. It makes your pups smarter

It makes your pups smarter

Healthy dog food is really beneficial for the cognitive function of your dogs. When dogs are fed with fresh and antioxidant-rich diet, the dog’s brain functions at its best level. Best dog food contains a mixture of plant and chicken which is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and is way better than the store-bought dog food near you.

5. Increases your Dog lifespan

Increases your Dog lifespan

A study shows that a dog who was fed fresh food lived for 13.1 years on average. However, the canine who were fed store-bought dog food or dog biscuits lived up to 10.4 years on average (study 2). So if you feed your dog home-cooked fresh food you can live those two extra years with your dog. Also, during their younger years dogs can digest chemical-laden processed food, but as your dog gets older tolerance towards all the chemicals-laden food reduces.

6. Stronger bones health

Stronger bones health

When it comes to food supplements for dogs glucosamine and probiotics are a must as this help support the bone health and overall health of dogs. You can give them chicken bones as these are rich in calcium and phosphorus which is great for the bone health of the dogs. Apart from that, you can also feed your puppy carrots, quinoa, apple, and yams.

7. Softer and shinier coat

Itching, scabs, and rashes are very common skin problems in dogs. Although most of the dog parents blame these symptoms for allergies, however, the ones to blame are processed dog food as they contain many chemicals. A fresh food containing zinc and essential fatty acids will improve your puppy’s skin and keep its fur shiny and glossy.

8. Fewer visits to the veterinarian

Fewer visits to the veterinarian

Once you start feeding your dog fresh food full of nutrients and vitamins, your dog’s health will start becoming better. When it comes to dog nutrition tips, feeding fresh green vegetables, which are rich in Vitamins A and C, and freshly cooked meat, which is rich in zinc, calcium, and phosphorus, improves your dog’s immune system. That means no last-minute visits to your vet.

9. Improved energy level

Improved energy level

Don’t you feel sleepy when you eat a heavy meal? That same thing happens when your dog eats a bowl of kibble. Since it is filled with so many preservatives and additives that it becomes harder for the digestive system of the dog. When you feed them homemade food made up of fresh ingredients, it gives them the boost of minerals and vitamins along with fiber which is easily digestible and results in improved energy levels.

10. Peace of mind

Peace of mind

When you feed your puppy whole food, which is full of nutrients with no preservatives and 100 percent fresh ingredients, then you don’t have to worry about their health. It gives you a lot of peace of mind, which is really important.

These are the few benefits you will see when you switch your dog to a fresh food diet from kibble. So, if you are thinking of switching your dog to a fresh home-cooked meal, then we are here to tell you that you are on the correct path.

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