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Fitness Tracker And Exercise Apps: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right One


¨Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.¨— John F. Kennedy

Physical fitness has become a necessity, all thanks to our sedentary lifestyles. We all know how important it is for us to work out but we all love our couches and comfort zone a lot more than anything else, but we must understand progress begins the moment we come out of our comfort zone, if you are someone planning to indulge into a fitness regime then this article is your sign to make a fresh start. 

There is no denying that finding self-motivation can be hard sometimes, but why to wait for self-motivation when the internet is at your disposal. Millions of people face the same problem as you do, they do not know where to start, and they struggle with keeping committed to their fitness resolutions, but again our flaws make us who we are and there is always a chance for amendments. In this article, we will discuss the best workout apps to make your workout fun and efficient. 

How Fitness Tracker and Exercise Apps Can Help Us?

Fitness apps can help us tremendously in realizing our fitness goals, here is how –

  • You can personalize your goals and routines
  • It can track the progress you have made
  • You can learn and implement new exercises and routines
  • It becomes easy to maintain consistency in your workouts

Best Fitness Trackers Apps in 2024

Fitness tracker watches and wrist bands have become the new normal, people prefer fitness watches over normal ones nowadays, the online market is replete with fitness software apps, and each app has its own  qualities and specifications, here we will discuss the best fitness tracker apps you can use to monitor your activities

1. Google Fit

Google fit is a fitness tracking app launched by Google for both android and ios users, it is one of the best fitness tracking apps for your day-to-day activities. 


  •  Tracks your steps, calories burned sleep cycle, distance, elevation, and move minutes.
  •  Gives an overview of your current day’s activities and health metrics.
  • You earn heart points for each minute of strenuous activity you perform.
  • Many fitness and health devices are compatible with Google Fit.
  • You can access it for Free. 

2. My Fitness Pal 

My fitness pal is an app ideal for both nutrition and fitness tracking, the subscription is a bit expensive owing to its excellent user interface, you can take a free trial and then ultimately decide whether to buy a subscription or not. 


  • Provides tracking tool for nutrition and workout both.
  • Supports more than 50 other health and fitness apps.
  • A free version with limited specifications is also available. 

3. Healthify Me 

Healthify Me is an India-based app that provides excellent fitness and tracking services and solutions, it has the honor of being the best online food calorie tracker app in India. 


  • Available for both android and IOS devices.
  • Apt for calorie tracking, and water consumption tracking.
  • You get an AI nutritionist.
  • Access to certified health and nutrition professionals. 
  • You get informative articles and healthy recipes also. 

4. Growfitter 

Growfitter can be a great app for you if you want some workout rewards and goodies; this app has tied up with several brands to offer you great rewards and motivation on the completion of a milestone.

  • Tracks your activities and workout sessions.
  • You earn active days after completion of an activity.
  • You get rewards like membership to various fitness and sports center.
  • The paid version of the app makes you eligible for on-demand workout sessions and a personal coach. 

Best Workout and Fitness Apps in 2024

If you are someone struggling to find the perfect workout regime for you then there are some apps that can make your ordeal easy, these apps provide you customized routines and training depending on your level, i.e. beginner, intermediate, or expert. The apps discussed below can make your workout sessions a lot more efficient and entertaining. 

1. 5 Minute Yoga

If you are someone who prefers yoga over workouts then this app developed by Sadguru is the perfect choice for you. It focuses on Up- Yoga to make your Yoga practice an easy one.


  • Focuses on both physical and physiological benefits.
  • Short five-minute sessions are provided.
  • Videos are accessible in offline mode too.
  • Demo and guided instructions are provided. 

2. Nike Training  Club

Nike Training Club is an excellent option for all those who love intense training sessions, the training sessions can range from 15-45 minutes.


  • Apt for people at all fitness levels.
  • Provides 4 to 6 week-long programs.
  • Tailor-made plans are also available.
  • Provide all-encompassing workouts everything, from bodyweight-only to full-equipment workouts.

3. Cure. fit

Cure fit is the most popular app among millennials for their workout sessions, it provides you with all sorts of general fitness training. 


  • Follows a holistic development goal.
  • Helps in tracking movements.
  • Provides live workout sessions.
  • Tasty and healthy recipes are also available.
  • Trained professional coaches are available on a paid subscription. 

4. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is another great app that can assist you in your fitness journey, it provides classes and sessions designed by experts, and new classes are provided every week.


  • Thousands of sessions are available.
  • Weekly and monthly programs are created depending on your need. 
  • Classes can be downloaded and accessed offline. 
  • Motivational music playlists are also available. 

Bottom Line 

Fitness is a journey that comprises many small steps, the consistency and continuity is the key to achieving your fitness goals however being consistent needs a lot of dedication and motivation, the apps discussed here act as your guide and motivation towards the bright side of your fitness journey, these apps provide you assistance in every ordeal you encounter during home workout sessions,  Try out these apps and excel in your quest after all a healthy body is the best picture of the human soul.


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