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Fermented foods have been a part of human diets for thousands of years. They are a result of the process of natural fermentation, where microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, and fungi break down sugars and carbohydrates in food, converting them into alcohol, acid, or gas. This not only enhances the taste and texture of the food but also makes it more nutritious and easier to digest. There are tonnes of health benefits of fermented foods, but in this article we will focus on the top 10 fermented food products that you must try.

Top 10 fermented food products that you must try:

1. Enduri Pitha


This is a traditional fermented rice cake from the state of Odisha, India. The batter for the cake is made from soaked rice and blackgram, which is then fermented overnight. It is then steamed and served with a sweet or savory coconut stuffing. As a fermented food product, this could make a great addition to your meal.

2. Sol Kadhi


This is a refreshing drink from the coastal regions of Maharashtra and Goa, India. It is made from kokum fruit and coconut milk, which are fermented together to create a tangy and sweet drink. It is often served as an accompaniment to seafood dishes.

3. Handia


This is a popular fermented rice beer from the state of Jharkhand, India. It is made by boiling rice, then letting it cool down and adding a starter culture of fermented rice or yeast. The mixture is then left to ferment for a few days before being strained and served.

4. Chak Hao Kheer


This is a sweet rice pudding from the Indian state of Manipur, made with black rice that has been fermented for a few days. The rice is then cooked in milk and sweetened with jaggery, resulting in a unique purple-colored dessert with a slightly sour taste.

5. Pitha

This is a type of fermented food that is popular in the eastern region of India, particularly in the state of Assam. It is made from a fermented batter of rice flour and black gram, which is then shaped and cooked in various ways, such as steaming, frying, or baking.

6. Moru Curry


This is a tangy and spicy curry from the southern Indian state of Kerala, made from fermented yogurt or buttermilk. It is typically flavored with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and dried red chilies and served with rice.

7. Kallappam


This is a fermented rice pancake from the state of Kerala, India. The batter is made from soaked rice and coconut milk, which is then left to ferment overnight. The pancakes are fluffy and have a slightly sour taste, and they are often served with a spicy coconut chutney.

8. Hawaijar


This is a popular fermented food from the northeastern region of India, particularly in the state of Manipur. It is made by mixing fresh fish with salt and allowing it to ferment for a few days, resulting in a pungent and flavorful paste that is often used as a condiment or seasoning.

9. Chhena Poda


This is a sweet dessert from the eastern Indian state of Odisha, made from fermented cottage cheese, or chhena. The cheese is mixed with sugar, cardamom, and semolina and then baked until it turns golden brown, resulting in a delicious cake with a caramelized crust.

10. Dosai


This is a popular fermented food from South India, particularly in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The batter is made from soaked rice and blackgram, which is then left to ferment overnight. The dosai is typically served with various fillings, such as potato curry, chutney, or sambar.


Fermented foods have been an essential part of our diets for thousands of years and offer a variety of health benefits. The above list of the top 10 fermented food products provides a glimpse into the rich diversity of fermented foods from India , showcasing the unique flavors and textures that come from the fermentation process. These fermented foods are not only delicious but also offer a range of health benefits. Some healthy benefits of fermented foods includes improved digestion, increased nutrient absorption, and strengthened immunity.

Fermentation is a natural process that has been used to preserve and enhance the taste of food for centuries. It is a simple and affordable way to make food more nutritious and flavorful, and it is easily accessible to people of all cultures and backgrounds. Incorporating fermented foods into your diet can be a fun and exciting way to explore new flavors and improve your overall health and well-being.

So, the next time you are looking for a unique and healthy food option, consider trying one of the fermented foods on this list. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet, savory, or tangy, there is a fermented food product for everyone. So go ahead, give them a try, and enjoy the rich and diverse flavors of fermented foods from India!

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