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Hello Foodies! 

We are back with a yummy recipe. We know your love for food and it is our love for you that prompts us to share healthy and yummy recipes with you.

Today we are going to discuss the recipe of pickled onions or sirke wale pyaz, and trust me north indian restaurants are incomplete without the side dish of Sirke Wale Pyaz. This yummy pickled onion can make your meal much more interesting and delicious. Let’s discuss the recipe.


  • Black pepper – 6-7 
  • Cloves – 3-4 
  • Cinnamon stick – 1  
  • Beetroot –  
  • Pearl onions – 10-12 
  • Vinegar – ½ cup 

Prep time – 5 minutes 

Cooking time – 5 minutes 


Making Sirke Wale Pyaz is very easy, the tangy taste of onions dipped in vinegar and the flavour of the spices makes it an irresistible delicacy. Be it your lunch or dinner it can be paired with almost every meal. Let’s discuss it in detail 

  1. Peel down the onions, use pearl onions for this recipe 
  2. Now heat a pan 
  3. Add some black pepper, cloves and cinnamon stick and dry roast the spices 
  4. Now add chopped beetroot and boil it for 5-5 minutes  
  5. Keep the beetroot mixture separately for now 
  6. Take a glass jar and put pearl onions inside it 
  7. Pour vinegar over the pearl onions 
  8. Now add the beetroot mixture 
  9. Mix and shake well all the ingredients 
  10. Your pickled onions are ready 


There are certain benefits associated with the Sirke wale pyaz, besides increasing the taste of every meal, they give some really good health benefits. Let’s check out its ingredients to learn how it can be beneficial for us.

Beetroot – Beets are highly nutritious and loaded with health-promoting properties. They are extremely beneficial for skin. They are good for the health of your brain, heart, and digestive system. They boost athletic performance, help alleviate inflammation, and possibly slow the growth of cancer cells.

Vinegar – Vinegar helps in smooth digestion, it also increases our immunity, apart from that vinegar can help in killing harmful bacterias in our digestive tract. It also boosts skin health and lowers cholesterol. It’s regular intake can help in weight loss. 

So why depend on restaurants to satisfy your desire of having some tangy pickled onion when you can prepare it easily at home? Try out this recipe and see how magically the taste of every meal gets enhanced with the company of pickled onions.


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