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Hi, if we told you that you can look and feel younger than your actual age. How will you react? You will be happy, right??

They say that beauty comes from within and that also includes what kind of food you are eating. So let’s talk about this in a different way. You might have heard about entropy somewhere in your science book. It is defined as the measurement of any disorders or randomness in the system. However, when we talk about entropy in terms of the human body, it is described as a disturbance in the human body with respect to time. So in general terms, entropy meaning is aging. As we age our body grows old and weak and it is a natural process for us. Similarly, if we see a person who looks younger than his age, we call it a miracle or give credit to his genes. Although it can also be a natural process.

French scientist Louis Kervran described entropy as a struggle of life forces in our human body against aging or degeneration of cells. It means that till death our body struggles to keep our internal systems alive from the process of degeneration is termed entropy.

After a lot of research, Kervran raised many questions regarding this concept. For example, what is the secret behind all this? Why don’t we take steps to reverse entropy? If we also think about these questions, then we will also find ourselves questioning these old concepts.

How nutrition affects our life forces?

Nutrition is an important concept in life forces. Food is our basic need. And how it affects our body is the main concept of nutrition. In the older days, food, water, and air were considered as main life nutrients. Since air and water were easily available, these were not discussed much.  However, how our food reacts in our body was always a part of the discussion. What kind of physical, chemical, and biological reactions takes place in our body after having food? In older times food is considered an integral part of our lives. However, as we are progressing our earlier food habits are fading. Now sometimes we do a fad diet for weight loss like calorie counting. Sometimes we talk about eating every two hours. And, sometimes we talk about eating a balanced diet that includes having the balance of all nutrients- fat, carbohydrates, protein, and minerals on our plate. These concepts have shaped how we consume our food today.

Now science has different theories about energies. So let’s talk about these theories in depth. It will help us to understand to what extent we can follow these theories in our modern world.

Law of conservation of energy

It states that the energy of an isolated system always remains constant. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transferred from one form or system to another form or system. However, this theory is not very effective in terms of living beings. As it raises many questions, such as is our body actually an isolated system? So, the outer energies, the environment in which we are living and the people around us, are not going to affect us? This is quite a question.

Second Law of thermodynamics

Now, the law of thermodynamics talks about how energy changes in an isolated system. However, this theory is only applicable to closed systems, which means there is no transfer of energy and matter from inside and outside of the system. We cannot apply this theory to the human body as a part of the universe; we all are connected through energies. Our bodies tend to get affected by the outer energies. For example:  When we are in a happy environment or spend time in nature we tend to get happy or vice versa.

Third law of thermodynamics

The third law states that there is no such difference between the interaction happening inside and outside of the human body. This can’t be possible as our human body has millions of enzymes that carry millions of reactions in our body. 

Example: A + B = C in the outer environment can also lead to A + B + enzyme = D In the human body.
Our body is a complex system that cannot be predicted just on the basis of chemical reactions between the atoms in the outside world. 

Biological Transmutation of elements

Scientist Louis Kervran put forth this new theory that challenged all the previous theories stated in science regarding energies and the human body. It proves that it is not necessary that every substance will carry out the same reaction under the effect of the same energy. It can give different result also.

For example, our body produces calcium through various reactions.

Potassium, and hydrogen in presence of a specific enzyme lead to calcium formation.

Similarly, magnesium along with oxygen in the presence of a specific enzyme leads to calcium formation.

This shows that our body is able to produce the same element (Ca) with different reactions.
The human body is far more complex and every reaction that is carried out in our body can lead to different outcomes. We cannot generalize these reactions to the laws of chemistry. This challenges all the previous concepts we have learned.

Sustainable food habits

Now, there are so many theories regarding food science and nutrition that have led to so much confusion. However, we need to change all the preconceived notions we have about nutrition and health science. We need to create a new outlook regarding food as it is not a medium to take nutrient or calories intake. We need to see healthy eating as a way of life as it is connected with the human body on so many levels. It not only affects our energy levels but also impacts our physical, mental, and spiritual health. That is why you might have noticed that people who are into yoga tend to follow a satvik diet. It helps them to be calm and composed. 

Bottom line

Although, research on how food-related dynamics impact our spiritual health is still going on. We have made so much progress in the field of nutrition science. Still, we need a new outlook on food and its dynamics.

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