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8 Facial Yoga Exercises: The Natural Way to Beautiful Skin

Face Yoga and Natural Beauty Exercises

Do you want to know how beauty professionals and celebrities manage healthy glowing skin and look great? If so, this is the article for you. Face Yoga is a set of yoga movements that can help you relax your face muscles and decrease the look of wrinkles. These face yoga exercises you may do at home are simple to master, and many of the things in the practice are inexpensive enough to be used on a daily basis. Follow these easy actions every day; they might alter your life!

Best Facial Yoga Exercises For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Face Yoga exercises is also known to promote and improve blood flow around the face, which provides more oxygen to the skin cells and aids in moisture production. So, without further ado let’s discuss them one by one.

• Forehead Massage

Forehead Smoother

Forehead Massage is an easy to perform exercise. All you need to do is make fists on your forehead and massage outward from the center to your temples with your knuckle’s fingers. To increase circulation, apply mild pressure without tugging the skin. This will relieve tension and relax the brow muscles. This exercise may also be done with your fingertips. This exercise helps in erasing the wrinkles that appear on the forehead and removes tension between the brows.

• Eye Circles

Tired of puffy and sunken eyes? Struggling with dark circles? Then this exercise can be your perfect escape from all such problems. Eye circles is a very simple exercise to perform, just by using your index fingers, lightly touch the region surrounding your eyes. Begin above the forehead and work your way down to the region around the eye. Return to your starting place after working your way through the cheekbones, undereye area, and nose. Continue to take deep breaths throughout the procedure. This face yoga exercise will helps to increase the blood flow around the eyes, which ultimately results in reduced puffiness and dark circles. 

• V Shaped Pressure 

the V Shaped Pressure

V- shaped pressure is again an excellent exercise for the eye area; you just need to put your index finger on one of your temples and your middle finger on a tear duct to apply V-shaped pressure. Apply some pressure. Lift your brows and create tension with your brows. Hold the button down for a few seconds. Then, while continuing to apply pressure with your fingertips, relax by gazing downward and shutting your eyes. This exercise provides relief to the stressed eye muscles and helps in fighting with the crow’s feet.

• Cheek Massage

Cheek Massage

Fuller and sculpted cheeks are desirable features but you can achieve this by simple cheek massage, you need to Inflate your cheeks and use one hand to flatten down your mouth while the other hand lightly taps your cheeks without letting any air escape. Repeat with a separate set of hands and sides. Always remember to take deep breaths to relax. This exercise is beneficial in strengthening your cheek muscles and reducing the wrinkles around the mouth.

• Swan Neck

Swan Neck

Swan neck is itself a metaphor for a beautiful and slender neck. To achieve this swan neck you need to turn your head forward and lay your hands on your jaw for a while. Drag your fingertips from your mouth to your collarbone, using mild pressure. For a few seconds, rest your fingertips on your collarbone while extending your face upwards as far as possible.

• Lip Pull

Lip Pull

Lip Pull is an extremely easy exercise that requires you to sit or stand comfortably, with your head pointing forward and straight. By pulling your lower jaw out, lift your bottom lip as much as you can. While doing so, you should feel a stretch in your chin muscles and jaw line. Hold the pose for a few seconds, then relax and repeat. Lip Pull tones your face muscles and offers you high cheekbones and a prominent jawline. It also helps you look younger.

• Neck Rolling

Neck Rolling

Neck rolling is a boon to those having a bad posture and tightness in neck. To perform this exercise, sit comfortably and keep your head pointing forward. Bend your head to one side, parallel to your chin, and turn your head in a circular motion. While doing so, keep your spine straight and your shoulders down. For a few minutes, make circular motions in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions, ensuring that the shoulders and scapulars do not travel up towards the ears. Rolling your neck is the most effective approach to eliminating double chin. It tones the muscles of your chin, jawline, and neck. It tightens the skin on your neck, reducing drooping and wrinkles.

• Simha Mudra (Lion Pose) 

Lion Pose

Simha Mudra is one stop solution for exercising your facial muscles all at once, to perform this kneel and lay your hands on your thighs to begin. Drop your jaw and wide open your mouth. Stick your tongue out strongly, downwards, towards your chin. While inhaling through your mouth, generate a lion-like roar from the back of your throat. Repeat the exercise a few times. Simha Mudra also helps in ensuring the proper functioning of thyroid glands. 

Bottom Line 

We all are blessed with the gift of beauty, but at times we need a little care and concern to nurture this gift. Taking care of your skin and body is the highest form of self-love, but self-care doesn’t always mean spending tons of money and introducing hazardous chemicals to your routine. There are natural methods and ways to take care of yourself, the face yoga exercises we have discussed above can be your perfect partner for a healthy and happy skin. Why don’t you try it out yourself? 

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