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Morning Walk vs Evening Walk: Which is Better for Your Health?

Morning Walk Vs Evening Walk

Engaging in any kind of movement or physical activity holds numerous health benefits, especially for those with a sedentary lifestyle. Walking, in particular, stands out, but the question arises: does it offer the same advantages as other forms of exercise? And if it does, when is the best time to take a walk—in the morning, evening, or anytime during the day? The answers to these questions seem clouded in mystery, but here, we aim to unravel and decode that mystery for you. In this blog, we will delve into the comparison of a morning walk vs. evening walk and decode which one is better for your health.

Have a look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of morning walk and evening walk.

Early Morning Walk

The benefits of morning walks are no secret. If you are someone who does not mind waking up early, do not hesitate to tie your laces and go for an early morning walk. 

As per the study published by Harvard Research, the morning walk is no less than a wonder drug.

The researchers at Harvard analyzed the weight-promoting genes in 12k people and found that the morning walks effectively curtailed the effects of these genes by 50%. Candidates who took an early morning walk were able to counteract the 12 weight-promoting genes.

1. A morning walk helps control food cravings

One of the benefits of a morning walk is it helps control the food cravings and tame sweet tooth. A study by Exeter University found that taking a 15-minute early morning walk can limit the cravings for sugary food. 

2. Improved Immunity

Improved Immunity

An enhanced immune system is one of the most significant morning walk advantages. A 20-minutes walk can protect a person against the cold and flu. 

As per a study conducted on 1000 men and women, people who walked at least five times a day had fewer sick days than people who did not walk.

3. Joint pain relief

Joint pain relief

As we grow old, our joints deteriorate, resulting in excruciating pain. Studies have suggested a vital morning walk advantage in relieving arthritis pain. 

When people regularly walk every morning, their joint muscles get stronger, providing better support to the bone. Regular movement also helps to lubricate the joints keeping them functioning properly.

4. Reduces the risk of breast cancer

Reduces the risk of breast cancer

As per the study published by the American Cancer Society, any type of physical activity can reduce the risk of breast cancer among women. 

The study showed that women who walked at least 7 hours per week had 14% lower chances of getting breast cancer than those who walked 4 hours or less. 

Women with risk factors also benefited as part of the early morning walk advantage.

Drawbacks of early morning walk

There are no disadvantages of morning walk as such. However, when compared with the evening or afternoon walk, timing can be a bit tricky. 

This applies especially to people living in remote areas. It is not always feasible for people to walk alone in the early morning. It can either be too dark or too unsafe for an early morning walk. You may also not be able to walk during freezing temperatures. These factors have to be taken into consideration for a morning walk. 

Another challenge you can face while taking an early morning walk is the stiffness of muscles. The body temperature and blood pressure are at their lowest in the morning. Hence, you may want to warm up your body before doing a higher-speed workout. 

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a morning walk, consider these obstacles and see if it is a viable option.

Evening Walk

Evening hours are most suitable for scheduling exercises. Most people prefer working out in the evening after completing their office working hours. There are benefits of an evening walk along with a few drawbacks. 

Benefits of an evening walk

1. Destressing after work

Destressing after work

While benefits of morning walk are endless, an evening walk can be a great way to relieve body stress after a long day of work. Evening exercises can also prevent you from consuming heavy dinner.

You can get busy with evening walks and avoid boredom that sometimes can lead to unhealthy snacking. Post-dinner walks can be a way to spend time with the family and digest the food.

Taking a walk during the evening can also help you sleep better. 

Drawbacks of an evening walk

The only disadvantage of night walk or an evening walk is it can be dark and unsafe to walk during the evening time at times. The traffic can be at its peak. Therefore, you may want to take precautions accordingly.

At times, the day can be tiring and stressful demotivating you to continue the workout. Thus, it may not be possible to keep your evening walk consistent. When you work out intensely during the nighttime, it can disrupt your sleep. In this case, decrease your walking speed and schedule it early. 

Morning Walk Vs. Evening Walk: Which is better?

Morning walk or evening walk, which is better? The debate is endless. Both morning and evening walks have benefits with a few drawbacks. While you should try to schedule the walk during the morning, ensure that you go for a walk at any time of your choosing or preference.

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