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Many people think we need to spend a lot of time exercising to make a difference. This is simply not true. Even a ten-minute morning exercise boost metabolism, improve muscle strength, give you energy, boost your mood, improve sleep, increase mental alertness, and reduce stress. The trick is consistency. And the best time for it is in the morning. This way, you’ll start the day on the most positive note.

Exercises are suitable for people of all ages and can be done anywhere. It can help us in both the long and short run for people who want to live a long healthy life. But despite its benefits for everyone, the elderly require different types of exercise and care. So, getting experts like private care for elderly at home will do good for them. This way, our loved ones get the care they deserve and can happily do it where they are comfortable.

Keeping ourselves healthy will give us the emotional and physical strength to maintain ourselves and our loved ones. There are many exercises that can help us to help improve our day. Such as:


Yoga is a fast warm-up for starting the day. It involves physical poses, deep breathing, and concentration. Practicing them regularly will help both the body and mind. It’s a great way to boost your metabolism while keeping strain relatively light. Some of the yoga poses are.

1. The cow pose

cow pose

Stand on all four legs, with your lower legs touching the ground. Keep your knees apart and directly below your hips. Inhale while lowering your spine and belly down, but your head up. Exhale while doing the opposite. Pick up your spine into an arch; your stomach will be up, and lower your head between your arms. Do this five times.

2. Dead bug pose

Dead bug pose

Lay on your back and elevate your arms and thighs. Keep your arms aligned with your shoulders and knees bent and over your hips. Don’t let your back go above the ground. Now, take a deep breath while unbending your right arm and left leg, but keep them elevated. Exhale and put your arm and leg back at a 90° angle. Do the same with your left arm and right leg.

3. Planks


There are two ways to perform this pose. You can either perform this with your hands or forearms. Place whichever ones on the ground. Straighten your body and uplift your body. Let your body be supported by your hands/ forearms and toes. Your head should be relaxed and facing the ground. Keep your torso straight and your body in a straight line. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then release. You can slowly increase the duration of this exercise over time.

4. Bridge pose

Bridge pose

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Place the bottom of your feet on the floor. Keep your legs apart. Put your arms at the side of your body with your hands touching your feet. Press both of your feet firmly to the ground. Inhale and raise your hips. Clasp your hands under your back. Broaden your collarbone and place your shoulders under your body. Lift your thighs and buttocks. Exhale while moving your hands to your sides and lowering your body.

5. Triangle pose

Triangle pose

Stand straight with both of your legs apart. Inhale and lift both your arms to shoulder level. Parallel to the ground. Exhale and tilt your hips towards your left and bring your left hand to your left foot. Do not bend your knees or hands. Raise your right hand towards the ceiling and look upwards. Keep it like this for a few seconds. Then do it again with reversed sides. And do not exert yourself and be afraid to take a well-deserved break.

6. Sprinting

Though much more strenuous than yoga, sprinting is also a great way to boost metabolism. Beginning with 10 minutes of sprinting in the morning is just enough to balance out the fat-burning hormone and keep your body more active all day. Doing morning exercises can help reset your body clock to an earlier time.

7. Push-ups

Plyometric Push Ups

Place yourself in the plank position with your hands on the floor parallel to your shoulders. You may choose to balance yourself on the tip of your toes or your knees. Make sure to tighten your glutes and suck in your stomach before continuing to the next step. Now you’ll want to press your elbows outward as you press your chest forward toward the ground. Push yourself back up to your starting position and that one push-up. Do this for 10 minutes, and gradually you will start to see the difference.

Take Away

Our bodies are not meant to remain in a stagnant position for long. We are meant to be active not only for our physical well-being but our mental well-being as well. Taking 10 minutes every morning can set the tone for the entire day. Starting the day off active will set the momentum further along the line. Exercises can be as low movement as yoga or as extensive as sprinting or swimming. There is an exercise for every individual. It’s only a matter of starting now. Hope this article helped.



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