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Hey foodies!
If food makes your world go round then you’re at the right place. We have an amazing recipe to make the ride even more enjoyable, we are talking about some round, fluffy, millet, and radish Roti/ Chapatis.
Without further ado, we should definitely start the business, below is the list of ingredients you need.


  • Millet flour- 1 cup 
  • Beetroot – ½  cup( grated) 
  • Radish – ½ cup (grated) 
  • Flax seed  powder- 2 tablespoons (for binding) 
  • Water – As per requirement

Prep time- 7- 8 hours 

Cooking time – 30 minutes 


Once you have gathered all the ingredients you have crossed one halt and now a little bit of action and you will have soft Chapatis on your plate. Let’s discuss the rocket science of making Rotis.

  1. First you need to prepare the flour, for that soak one cup Fox millets in 3-4 cups of water overnight, next morning strain the water completely and dry roast the soaked millets until they are completely dry 
  2. Now grind the millets to the consistency of powder, and here the flour becomes ready 
  3. Take a mixing bowl and  add the freshly prepared millet flour along with grated beetroot and radish 
  4. Add around 2 tablespoons of flax seed powder, it helps in binding 
  5. Now knead the flour well, using water 
  6. Knead until the dough becomes soft 
  7. Now take out small portions of dough and make some dough balls 
  8. Now roll the dough balls into flat and round rotis 
  9. Heat the griddle and put the flatbread on it 
  10. Bake the chapati from both the sides and let it puff 
  11. Your round and yummy chapati is ready to enjoy


Normal chapati is a staple for us Indians but the recipe we just shared has its own charm, apart from the yummy and different taste, what makes it even more awesome is it being gluten free. Every bite of this miraculous roti is a supplement in itself, well better than supplement actually, let’s look at its various benefits. 

  • Foxtail Millet – Foxtail millets are great for bone and muscle health owing to the great amounts of iron and calcium, they keep various neurological disorders at bay. Millets are also a great substitute for rice. 
  • Flax Seeds-  Flax seeds are also known as functional foods and are helpful in so many ways, it eases out the symptoms of arthritis, improves blood sugar and prevents constipation. It supports weight management and has been found successful in preventing certain kinds of cancers.
  • Beetroot- Beets are highly nutritious and loaded with health-promoting properties. They are extremely beneficial for skin. They are good for the health of your brain, heart, and digestive system. They boost athletic performance, help alleviate inflammation, and possibly slow the growth of cancer cells.
  • Radish – Radishes are great for liver and stomach health, radishes are also great for people suffering from jaundice, they help in weight loss and improve cardiovascular health. Radishes are also excellent for skin health. 

So this Roti is going to be a complete package, both in terms of taste and nutrition and readers like you deserve nothing less, so just enjoy the recipe and thank us later.  

Chef Tip

  • Millets should be soaked overnight for 8–10 hours. You can substitute millet flour with jowar or ragi flour while preparing these paratha.

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