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We all know dogs are our best companions; they are loved members of our household and should be treated like family. And a trip with your dog is most probably the best decision one can have, no homesickness, no fear of security, and beside that, whenever you think that you need an extra hand, don’t know about hand, but you will always have a paw by your side. Isn’t this amazing. Well, the thought of traveling or taking a road trip with dogs is indeed fascinating, but it’s our responsibility to act as responsible pet parent and keep every small detail in check. 

Some might find the thought difficult, but preparing everything beforehand makes it easier and not as difficult as you might think.

Some tips you need to keep in mind before planning a trip with Dog.

1. Road trip planner

Road trip planner

While traveling with dogs, one needs to keep everything in check for a better and memorable traveling experience for both you and your fur buddy. And for that, a pet friendly road trip planner can work wonders. We in most cases get excited about the trip and forget some important stuff, so to avoid such mistakes a pet friendly road trip planner can help us. From choosing the best route, taking your dog to the vet, to preparing vehicles and booking places to stay, a pet friendly planner will help you with all these small to big things. A planner will save your time and keep you updated with everything and make sure everything on your list is ticked off before you leave.

2. Dog- tags are must

Dog tags become important while traveling. Always attach your phone number and name, in case your dog gets a little mischievous and starts playing in its own world and goes missing.

It gets easier to reach you when you have your phone number written on the tag.

3. Packing list for dog friendly trip

Packing list for dog friendly trip
  • Harness
  • Scooper
  • Pee bags
  • Dog food/ tasty treats
  • Name tag
  • Towel
  • Blanket
  •  Collapsible water bowls
  • Dog seat belt
  • Poop bags
  • Prescribed medicine
  • First Aid

4. Duration of trip

Duration of trip

The reason behind the road trip with your dog is to make new memories and a sweet bond. So, the duration of a trip becomes crucial when you are traveling with your dog as they are very prone to motion sickness. And since you don’t want the trip to be a bad experience for your dog, it is recommended that one can go for a test drive for about 2-3 hours just to check if their buddy is comfortable with long road trip. You can start with short trips and increase the length little by little. And please don’t forget to take prescribed medicines with you just in case your dog doesn’t feel well.

5. Don’t ignore breaks

Just like us, dogs may get restless on long trips. And unlike other human beings, they can’t tell us when they have to do their business. So, it is important to take a 10–15-minute break after every 2 hours.

6. Pet Friendly Hotels

Well, the good thing is there are many motels that allow pets, and can charge extra for it; however, there are hotels with pet-friendly surroundings that demand no extra charge. And make sure you never leave your pet alone in a hotel for a long period of time as it leads to barking and all. We should always respect hotel property. Sometimes we plan to go out to celebrate our baby’s birthday, and for that do not forget to check in advance the availability of a birthday cake which contains dog-friendly ingredients. And to make it more interesting, you can request the staff to put some cute props for your furry baby. Beside that there are some more points one should take extra care of before booking any hotels in advance, like:

  • Availability of food for your dog at the time of check-in. 
  • A hotel near a dog park would be a great choice as this will help you and your buddy to spend some more time together, having fun, socializing, and making new friends.
  • Many dogs are allergic to wheat, so it would be very smart of you if you just see the menu in advance. And if in any case the food contains wheat, you can also check if the staff is comfortable in making food for your dog with the ingredients provided by you. 
  • Besides food, hygiene should also be your foremost priority.  
  • Always check in advance to the hotel staff if there is availability of vet or vet on call if needed.

7. Good Dogs Manner

Good Dogs Manner

As a pet parent, we try our best to train our dogs, however not a lot of training is required, a simple sit and stay command will make your road trip with your dog much easier. And make sure that your pup continuously puts its best paw forward.

8. Car rental

Car rental

If you are going for a road trip with dog in your own car then you can adjust the arrangement according to your dog’s comfort. And if you are thinking about renting a car, then make sure its ac is working fine, and is spacious enough for your buddy to lie down. Always attach a seat belt to the dog’s harness and make sure you avoid your dog sitting in the front seat. And please DO NOT leave your dog in the car for a long period of time. And most importantly, as a responsible pet parent it is our duty that we hand back a clean car to the owner.

Along with the things mentioned above, there are few more things to remember:

  • Make sure your dog always has access to the water.
  • Always carry an extra bed sheet. 
  • Always keep your dog’s related documents (dog vaccination card) in hand.
  • Make sure your dog is fully vaccinated.
  • Play breaks will make the journey joyful for you and your dog. As it is hard for any pet to stay back seated in one place.
  • A hammock can be very useful for road trips with dogs. It can keep your rental vehicle seats clean and scratch free.

Bottom line

A journey becomes more beautiful when you have your dog with you. There may be a need to tick off some basic requirements, but all this work is worth it. A new journey, a new chapter, a new memory with your best buddy, what else is needed.

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