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Owing to the hustle and bustle of our challenging lives, keeping a sane mind has become more crucial than ever. We are constantly overwhelmed by the curve balls thrown our way. Having robust mental health is the need of the hour, and what better than meditation to achieve that.

Meditation offers numerous benefits such as an increase in concentration, sound sleep, and overall mental well-being.

Thanks to all the tech at our disposal, we no longer have to attend special classes to learn the technique of meditation. The best meditation apps in 2024 will enable you to meditate effortlessly without you having to adjust your regime.

1. Cult.Fit

Cult. fit runs one of the most comprehensive fitness and mental well-being networks in India. It offers yoga and meditation classes run by posh fitness trainers from all over the country. 

The app has a separate section dedicated to mindfulness. Users can opt for different types of therapy sessions based on the issue they are looking to resolve. Sessions range from work stress to relationship counseling and cost around INR 650. 

One of the perks of this app is the availability of meditation tracks in Hindi for the convenience of the Hindi-speaking crowd. There is no doubt that cult. fit is one of the best meditation apps in 2024. 

For parents seeking meditation mobile apps for kids, this is a great option as it offers meditation sessions tailored to the needs and temperament of kids.

If you are not the one for the online experience, there is a facility of fitness centers run by this franchise. As stated earlier, its reach is magnanimous, spreading across 20+ Indian cities with 200+ centers run by professionals.

Eating healthy is indispensable to achieving mindfulness. The app offers healthy food with a low glycemic index to keep insulin levels at bay, thereby keeping mental health unperturbed. 

Thus there is no dubiety in claiming that it is one of the top apps for meditation in 2024. 

You can sign up with a 14-day free trial post which you will have to pay a subscription fee. 

2. Keep Yoga

There are no qualms about the positive effect of Yoga on the mind. It is an ancient Indian practice of combining physical exercises with the benefits of meditation sessions. For someone in the pursuit of mindfulness, Yoga is a stepping stone that will help you reach there.

The Keep Yoga app applies the same philosophy and offers its services to users seeking mindfulness through meditation. It is one of the best apps for meditation and sleeps out there. 

It offers Yoga meeting plans, contemplation courses, and more than 400 Asanas options. 

Irrespective of your history or experience with Yoga, you can learn at your own pace and become a potent yogi. You can set your goals ranging from fitness to sound sleep. You can work on decluttering or reducing stress. The app offers the facility of real person guidance.

With a whopping million downloads, Keep Yoga is set out to become the best meditation app in 2024.

3. Headspace

Headspace is one of the best meditation apps for 2024. It is available as both a free and a premium version called Headspace Plus.

It is a popular app that helps you achieve mindfulness, reduce stress, and alleviate issues related to sleep.

The app starts with a quiz to determine the mental health status and lifestyle of the user. It offers exercises on anxiety and stress management, focus, and mindfulness.

Headspace offers courses on meditation and calmness tailored to the needs of beginners with no history of meditation.  

It is one of the best mindfulness apps out there which radiates positivity. 

4. Calm

Calm is an extremely popular app that helps users to achieve mindfulness. It is a heavily marketed app famously used by celebrities and one of social media’s favorites. 

It is an interactive app which means you have to sign up before accessing meditation sessions. Once you have signed up, you may choose the goals you seek to accomplish. It offers guided meditations, narrated sleep stories, and so on. 

You can target problems including self-improvement, anxiety issues, or sleep deprivation. 

It is one of the best meditation mobile apps for kids as it has a separate section dedicated to students. It is available on both Android and iPhone.

The only downside is that the free trial only lasts for a week. After that, you have to pay a subscription fee to continue availing of the services.

5. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is one of the fastest-growing mindfulness apps out there. As per the company, users spend more time on Insight Timer in comparison to their well-established contemporaries such as Calm and Headspace.

It offers a behemoth guide to meditation containing over 100,000 titles. The best guides and teachers from all over the world help you become pro meditators. If you are seeking personal training, the app also offers options for meditation sessions near you.

You can opt for Yoga classes run by 9k+ yoga experts from around the globe. It offers sleep courses and talks to fix your sleep irregularities issues. 

6. Smiling Mind

Despite being a non-profit, Smiling Mind makes up the list of top apps for meditation in 2024. 

It offers personalized meditation sessions for its users to achieve mindfulness. It is an interactive app that asks you questions to get to know you better. The app will offer customized sessions suiting your needs based on your answers.

While most apps in the market cater to the English-speaking market, this app offers meditation sessions in different languages.

Additionally, it has several activities for kids such as mindful baking recipes, coloring, and pencil case posters. If you are in search of meditation mobile apps for kids, look no further. 

7. Tide

Tide cuts all the noise around meditation, well, literally, as it has no voiceovers for its meditation tracks. For people who do not prefer the sound of people speaking while they meditate, Tide offers a simple solution.

It has calming music along with a few instructions to help you meditate. Whether you want to enjoy the sound of rain falling on the leaves or get transported to a wintery day engulfed in the crackling sound of a fireplace. Tide has you covered with an assortment of calming meditation tracks.

The app further offers narrower fields for you to select, such as work burnout, whether it relates to stress or performance issues, business travel, courage, decluttering, etc. The list is extensive and you are highly likely to find a meditation track suited to your problem.

8. Simple Habit

One of the major issues faced by working professionals today is constant burnout. Simple habits are among the top apps for meditation in 2024. As the name suggests, Simple Habit helps users to develop a simple habit of meditation

What is amazing about this app is that it caters specifically to working professionals. If you are busy and cannot afford to spend an elongated time on meditation, this app does the job within 5 minutes.

After the one-month free trial ends, users can opt for weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. 

Every individual is looking to improve their life. Some of us are merely struggling to fulfill our basic goals owing to the stress and anxiety we face in our day-to-day life. Being mindful helps us accomplish not only our long-term goals but also meet short-term goals such as having a peaceful and productive day ahead. Check out these best apps for meditation in 2024 and see what a huge difference they can make in your life. 


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