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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. —Albert Einstein

Nature hides various secrets which are revealed only to those who resolve to seek them. But with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, we became more and more distant from nature. And hence lost the sense of our being. In this article, we will discuss how we can tune in with nature again and live a life full of peace, tranquillity, and compassion. 

Who were we?

Who were we

If we go backward in time, we will find out how synced we were with nature. In human evolution, there are long episodes of development that were propelled by nature. We have always been an integral part of nature. We are nature. 

If we closely look at the ancient civilizations that thrived thousand years ahead of us, there are instances of worshiping nature. All their gods and demigods were humanized forms of nature, as they were very well aware of the fact how dependent we are on mother earth for our every other need. 

We might be in the delusion of being superior to nature. But our reality can’t be changed, and our roots can’t be uprooted by the modern aspects of our lifestyle. Let’s discuss how we can reconnect with nature.

Grow Nourish and Sustain Together with nature is an idea to improve our lifestyle and become more aware and compassionate toward nature. First, let’s understand each term better. Grow Nourish and sustain together was also the theme of World Food Day 2020. 



This term has two implications. 

1-   Self-Growth- We have to focus on self-growth, we have to ensure we are healthy and mentally strong, we have to focus on our well-being, and we should always learn and explore things around us. Self-growth is the first step toward growing toward a better and happier world.

2-     Grow- Its means to cultivate. Most of the food products we purchase are loaded with chemicals. The amount of processing they have gone through strips away their natural goodness and qualities. Growing our food ourselves brings self-reliance, and ensures nutrition, freshness, and quality. We can start from a small kitchen garden, growing some veggies. It will make us understand the dignity of labor and bring us closer to nature. 

Organic Farming


We consume a lot of things in the name of nourishment, but do we truly get any nourishment? The things we consider nourishing are often chemically synthesized. Does it come with many side effects? 

Where to search for the proper Nourishment?


The answer is nature; Nature is the source of our nourishment. Choosing healthy, unprocessed, and seasonal foods from nature’s bounty is all you need. We should include variety in our diets to get wholesome nutrition, Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, there are plenty of plant-based foods that can give you Wholesome nutrition.

The more variety we include on our plates, the more biodiversity we promote. Biodiversity is a crucial component of healthy natural habitat. It will also promote the supply and availability of food to all communities and lead to cumulative nourishment. 



Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustain means we should not only think of our welfare. But we should think of the long-term of the upcoming age. Sustainability means growth where all parts of society benefit. Rise of one aspect shouldn’t hinder other aspects; i.e., technological growth shouldn’t hinder natural growth. 



Alone we are strong, but together we are stronger. By joining small steps and initiatives, we can create a greater and better world. The day we start thinking about how connected we are to each other. And how dependent we all are on nature, we can make a utopian dream real. 

The world will be peaceful, loving, and happening once we incorporate this idea of belonging together. 

How Can We Grow Nourish, and Sustain Together with Nature?

In the following ways, we can grow, nourish and sustain together with nature.

1. Understanding the gravity of the situation

Climate change, Global warming, and destabilizing ecosystem is not a hoax. These are real things, the rate at which we are depleting our natural resources, in no time, we will run out of them, and the living blue planet will no longer support life, so it is time we understand the gravity of the situation and act responsibly. 

2. Veganism

Veganism advocates a more compassionate world, a world where animal products are strictly avoided so that no animal suffers. Veganism promotes plant and plant-based products and has been proven to give beneficial results including less risk of various chronic diseases; veganism is a path of sensibility and senility. 


3. Minimalism

Minimalism is a vast ideology, but we can use some of the lessons of minimalism, to lead to a sustainable world. We often buy or use products just because they are popular. Our purchases are more influenced by societal pressure than our actual needs.  

4. Conservation of Nature

Nature, and biodiversity must be conserved in order to sustain this planet, and our lifestyle has a massive impact on the health of this planet. So we should maintain harmony with nature, otherwise we will be the first to cope with the wrath of nature. 

5. Mindful and grateful

Instead of taking nature for granted, we should be thankful to nature for the blessings it has bestowed upon us. We should be mindful of our surroundings, and of everything we receive from mother earth to sustain our lives.

Mindful and grategul

Bottom Line 

We know very well that we can’t survive long if we keep exploiting our life-giving resources at this pace. But a little sensibility from our sides can work wonders. All we need to do is grow nourish and sustain together with nature because a triumph not shared by all is not a triumph at all. 

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