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Have you ever thought about the early human, or say, about our ancestors. They lived in the forests and had a long life unless met by any accident. Our ancestors neither counted on the calories nor discussed the nutrients. They had limited food sources in the forests; then how did they receive enough energy?

What was the secret behind their ninja powers? We believe that our energy comes only from food. If our body has enough amount of protein, fat, calcium, and vitamins, then we consider ourselves healthy. Because we just accept everything without questioning, But, if this was true, how did our ancestors survive?

Yogis and some people take only one meal every day. Don’t they feel weak? Shouldn’t we give it a thought? Today we will discuss this topic. We will understand the existing and possible sources of energy.

Energies and their conversion

Research says that food alone is not the main source of energy. The food itself is operated by other energies. For example, we eat vegetables and fruits. From where do we get these vegetables and fruits? From plants. What do these plants eat? They eat sunlight, water, soil, and oxygen. This means one energy converts into another energy. All these energies affect our bodies also. Let’s start our detective work and find out the real sources of energy.

Different types of energies

In the human system, the body receives different types of energies from different sources. Poor us! We believed in boost suprimacy!  These alternative sources of energy are cosmic energy or energy of the universe; sunlight, oxygen, or pranayama; geomagnetic energy of the earth, and our food. We will learn about these five energies today.

Cosmic energy

When we are sleeping, our body absorbs energy from the universe. This energy is stored in the energy center at the top of our heads. You may start visualising yourself as an alien with an antenna. From there, it energizes our entire system. That is a sign of sleep satisfaction we feel fresh when we wake up in the morning. We feel energized even when we are on an empty stomach in the morning. We cannot survive for a single day without this energy. This is the energy that keeps everyone connected to each other. See! How cosmos have conspired to keep us strong.

1. Sunlight


This energy is absorbed by our body system through the skin and eyes. It has the strength to fight many diseases. If we stand in the sunlight during sunrise for 10 minutes only, that gives a lot of energy to the body. You must be aware of the vitamin D that we receive from sunlight. This energy has positive effects on the blood circulation, nervous system, and digestive system. Some researchers believe that the different colors of sunlight pose different healing powers. Likewise, each color has a unique association with different energy centers. Sunlight reaches the optic nerves through our eyes. Then this energy reaches our pituitary glands through the hypothalamus and spinal cord and affects the production of multiple hormones. Similarly, the melanin present in the skin absorbs sunlight. This energy affects the entire system of our body. Hence, sunlight is very useful for us and a big source of energy for our body and mind. After reading this you might want to make your bonding with sun better.

2. Oxygen


We all know that without oxygen, our bodies can survive for a few seconds only. That’s why we call it the life force also. Trust me oxygen is our one true lover whose absence can really kill us. When we breathe unpolluted and fresh air, our energy levels rise. In opposition to this, when oxygen reaches our lungs through air conditioners or air ducts, then we do not get much energy. In fact, we have become habitual with air conditioners. Coming back to oxygen, we absorb oxygen mainly through the lungs and skin. oxygen is very important for our body cells. The lack of oxygen directly affects our immune system, which increases the risk of diseases like heart attack, brain damage, and cancer in the long run.



To increase oxygen in the system, we must do pranayama or breathing exercises.
Pranayama is a very good way of enhancing the oxygen level. Just for living, we breathe for the whole day. But most people are able to use only 10% of their breathing capacity. Deep breathing instantly calms your nerves by alleviating stress and anxiety. The energy we need for hormonal balance, breathing, and temperature control are called metabolic energy. We can get 90% of this metabolic energy just by practicing breathing exercises. 

The breathing exercises we should practice to enhance the oxygen level can be seen in the yoga section of yuvaap. As a quick tip, chanting OM 10 times with deep breaths every morning and evening should be a good starting point.

Energy from the geomagnetic field of the earth

We absorb this energy from our feet. However, there is less information about it, but researchers believe that our body and mind receive energy through sleeping on the floor or walking on soil. Recently, scientists found that the electromagnetic pulsation of the earth is 7.83 hertz per second. Nasa also found that astronauts traveling through spaceships with the geomagnetic pulsing device fell less sick compared to others. According to Russian research, growth of the children is widely impacted by the geomagnetic area of the place where they live. It is possible that the impact of this energy can be way more impactful than our imagination.

Food- is not the only source of energy

Now comes the energy that we receive from food. We all know about it. But this fulfills only 10% of our energy needs. And all this time we believed the lies food was feeding us, nice pun, isn’t it?Hence, stop worrying too much about food, vitamins, supplements, and calories all the time! Rather, sit back, relax and spend time outdoors with nature in nature!

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