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Five Best Face Yoga Exercises Every Busy Women Must Do Daily

Best Face Yoga Exercises Every Busy Women

Modern women are the epitome of multi-tasking. From home to office, from kids to the grocery to cooking, women take care of everything without complaining or thinking about themselves. Women are resilient and strong and they deserve respect for carrying out all of these duties with the utmost sincerity and grace. However, we are all prone to tiredness, stress, and anxiety, thanks to hectic lifestyles. We are hardly able to catch some time off our hands for self-care let alone exercise or hobbies.
With the myriad of things to do among stress and anxiety, aging gracefully, and radiating that glow and feeling of inner harmony, many people resort to natural choices. Face yoga exercise is one of them that will help you to achieve that outcome.

What is Facial Yoga?

Your face consists of more than fifty muscles and unlike the rest of your body, these muscles are rarely used. The face exercise engages, massages, and stretches the skin and muscles of your face. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation, and promotes oxygenation, which helps in achieving that toned and youthful glow. And trust us; no skincare routine is good enough to replace the results that you can achieve with these facial exercises for women.

How often should you perform Facial Yoga?

It is best to perform facial exercises at least three to five times a week for twenty minutes if you wish to see prompt results. Even if you are busy enough, at least spare ten minutes a day for these face exercises. 

Here are some of the best facial yoga exercises according to a face yoga instructor.

1. Chick Bone Lift

Chick bone lift
  • To practice this, bring your forefinger and middle finger together and place them over your cheekbone.
  • Now lift your cheek muscles until the skin becomes a little tight.
  • Open your mouth and make an “O’ with your lips; you will feel some resistance in your cheeks.
    Hold it there for five to ten seconds, then release.
  • Repeat this exercise at least ten to fifteen times.

If you want those defined cheekbones and tone those sagging skin around your cheeks, this is the best and easiest exercise you can do.

2. Making a “V” for those drooping eyelids

V Shape
  • Put your forefinger and middle finger on the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Now with your forefinger apply some pressure on the outer edges of your eyebrows.
  • Turn your gaze towards the ceiling and raise your lower eyelids towards the ceiling in a very strong squint, and relax.
  • Repeat this six to seven more times and then finish this off by squeezing your eyes tightly for at least 10 seconds.

If you are tired of those droopy eyelids and want to go for Botox and eye lift surgery, this set will definitely help you with that. It will also help in treating puffiness, under-eye bags, and crow feet.

3. Fish Face

Fish Face 
  • Start by keeping your neck and face still, bring your chin forwards without making your neck strain.
  • Take a deep in and relax, now suck your both cheeks inwards to make a fish face. 
  • Hold it for five seconds and then release. Repeat this face exercise ten to twelve times.

If you want that defined jawline and sculpted face, then a fish face is best for you. It is also best to get rid of that extra flab from your cheeks.

4. Forehead Smoother

Forehead Smoother
  • Place your hands on your forehead and bring your fingers inwards and spread them out between your hairline and eyebrows.
  • Now start applying a little pressure as you sweep your fingers across your forehead in an outward direction.
  • Now relax and repeat it again at least ten to fifteen times.

This is probably one of the easiest facial exercises for women that will help you to get rid of those horizontal forehead lines. 

5. Facelift

  • Place your palm on your temples (near the side of your eyes).
  • Now gently push your hands above lifting all the sides of your face.
  • Open your mouth and make a big “O” with your lips and drop your jaw so that it will make your face long.
  • Stay in the pose for five seconds and then release. Repeat it four to five times.

This facelift yoga will help in removing puffiness temporarily by improving lymphatic circulation. These simple and easy facial exercises for women can be done anywhere irrespective of time. However, the regular practice of these facial exercises will keep you fresh all day and give you that toned and chiseled face.

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