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A chiseled and toned jawline is all we desire sometimes, especially while scrolling through the post of our favorite Instagram model, but what to do with the unwanted double chin? Double chins can be our arch enemies whenever we try clicking a picture-perfect selfie. But don’t worry, we have got ways to deal with this, the amazing facial exercises for double chin that we are going to discuss here can be your holy grail for achieving the picture-perfect face you always wanted.

1. Neck Rolls 

Neck Rolls

Neck roll is the perfect neck workout for double chin as it aims at reducing neck fat while boosting the blood circulation in the shoulders.


  • Start by standing or sitting with your feet apart. 
  • Stretch your neck as much as possible by rotating or rolling it clockwise. 
  • Be careful not to extend your neck too far back or forth until you’ve become used to it and gained neck strength. 
  • Maintain your shoulders’ immobility. 
  • 20 times clockwise, 20 times counterclockwise

2. Ball Exercise 

Ball exercise can definitely help you get rid of your double chin, all you need to perform this exercise is a small squeezable ball, this exercise helps in making your neck muscles strong. This exercise is also an excellent stress buster.


  • Sit up straight and comfortably. 
  • Place the little, squeezable ball beneath your chin. 
  • Slowly lower your chin, exerting pressure on the ball.
  •  Perform 20-30 repetitions of this workout many times each day.

3. Fish Lips 

Fish Lips

Apart from being a chin fat removal exercise this exercise is excellent in toning up your cheek muscles, it strengthens and stretches the cheek muscles thereby reducing the stubborn flabbiness in your neck area, and to add cherry to the cake this exercise is easy enough to perform.


  • Place yourself in a comfortable sitting or standing position. 
  • Suck your cheeks till your face resembles fish lips. Hold the position for 5 seconds. 
  • You’re doing it correctly if you feel a burn in your jaw and cheeks. 
  • Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

4. Pouting 

Pouting can be the best exercise for netizens out there, as pouting for a selfie is not new to them. The good thing is you can use your selfie pose for as an excellent double chin exercise at home. Pouting can give you a well-defined jaw line and an invisible double chin. 


  • Pout your lips while keeping your head straight.
  • Hold it for at least 3 seconds.
  • Tilt your head up to your chin.
  • Maintain your lower lip out.
  • Repeat 10 times.

5. Chewing 


You might have heard this before those chewing gums can be an extremely effective way of losing facial fat and double chin, but when we are talking about chewing gums for face fat reduction we mean it for an extended period, the chewing should be continuous until you feel a tingling sensation on your face, chewing gums can also help you shed the under-chin fat, so next time while shopping for smacks don’t forget to add some gummies on your list. 

6. Stretching the neck sideways 

Stretching the neck sideways

Stretching your neck sideways is another effective face yoga exercise for double chin reduction, it also gives relief to the stressed neck muscles which get sore after working in front of a screen for hours. 


  • Sit up straight, back straight, and head stern.
  • Extend your neck to the right as far as you can. (Know your limitations and avoid causing neck spasms by straining it too much.) It is not how far you stretch, but how properly you stretch) 
  • Now extend it to the left. Repeat it at least 10 times every day, sideways. To avoid cramping, be sure you’re doing it correctly. These may take a few months to see effects, so keep practicing.

7. The lip pulls

The lip pulls

The lip pull can be a great way of exercising your jaw and neck muscles, apart from helping you in getting rid of double chin it can also make your lips plumper and help in fading out the wrinkles around your jaw. 


  • To begin, sit in the lotus pose with your neck straight.
  • Pull out your lower jawline, leaving your bottom lip hanging out.
  • Feel the fullness in your jawline and chin muscles.
  • Hold the pose for 2-3 seconds and repeat 10 times every day. 

8. Chin lock 

Chin Lock exercise is extremely helpful in toning and shaping the muscles around your jaw line, also helpful in getting rid of the double chin.


  • Sit in a comfortable position 
  • Take a deep breath 
  • Place your hands on your knees 
  • Raise your sternum (breast bone) toward your chin 
  • Move your head in forward and backward direction
  • Hold this position for a while 

9. Tongue rolling 

Tongue rolling

This exercise is a good way of stimulating facial muscles; it helps in shaping up the jaw and upper lips and hence gives a slimmer look to the face.


  • Keep your face straight 
  • Roll your tongue 
  • Stretch it as much as possible
  • Try to move your tongue towards your nose 
  • Repeat this 15-20 times for getting good results


The double chin and face fat can never dim your dazzle as long as you wear the million-dollar smile and your confidence as an armor, but it is never bad to take care of yourself and have a little concern about your public appearance. The exercised discussed above are your ways to shine bright in the world and the good thing is they all are natural and don’t have any side effects. The only thing you need with these exercises is persistence and patience and soon you will discover the changes you always yearned for.  


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