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Ladoo is something that we Indians eat on every special occasion. Whether it’s someone’s birthday or marriage, ladoo has to be there on the menu. But it is not necessary that you always eat unhealthy ladoo loaded with sugar. There are lots of alternatives to ladoo that are healthy too. One such option is chickpea flour ladoo. It takes very less time and ingredients to make this ladoo. Moreover, it is a very healthy and tasty recipe of ladoo filled with desi ghee. We are going to learn this amazing recipe today.


 Let’s grab all the ingredients first:

  • Chickpea flour- 1 cup
  • Clarified butter- ¼ cup
  • Jaggery Powder- ¼ cup
  • Almonds- ½ cup
  • Cardamom- ¼ teaspoon (Crushed)

Preparation Times: 10-15 minutes


Chickpea flour ladoo is perfect for winters as the body requires warmth. We are using jaggery powder here in place of sugar. It is a very good alternative to sugar. Chickpea flour ladoo is also known as besan ke laddoo, and it tastes super yummy. You must have gathered all the items. If not, rush and do so. Let’s move to the making process now. 

  • Take a Cauldron or kadhai and put it on a flame.
  • Put ¼ cup of clarified butter into the kadhai and let it heat for quite a good time. 
  • Now, add 1 cup of chickpea flour and mix everything well. 
  • Cook the flour along with the clarified butter with constant stirring. Make sure you stir it well; otherwise, everything will get burned. 
  • Cook until the colour of the flour changes and you smell a very good aroma. When the flour is ready, it will automatically give a tempting aroma. 
  • Now transfer everything into a big bowl and add ¼ cup Jaggery powder, ½ cup almonds, and ½ teaspoon cardamom. Use crushed or powdered cardamom. 
  • Mix everything well and show some skills to make ladoo with your hands. 
  • Serve the ladoos with evening tea. 


All the ingredients of this recipe can be easily found in any Indian household. The reason is that all the items are super healthy and a must for winter. Each item has its own advantages. We will learn about the health benefits of all the key ingredients here:

Chickpea flour: A fantastic approach to improve your consumption of fiber is to consume more beans. Numerous studies demonstrate that eating more chickpeas and pretty much all beans, including legumes, can lower the risk of heart attack, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even certain types of cancer since they are such a high amount of fiber.

They also include significant amounts of iron, a tonne of plant-based protein, and the potent antioxidant mineral selenium. You’ll appreciate having this flour in your pantry if you recently made the decision to follow a gluten-free diet because gluten-free diets are also growing in popularity.

Jaggery powder: The antioxidants included in jaggery powder, such as thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B1), niacin, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and caffeine acids, aid in boosting immunity while warding off several types of cancer.

Selenium and zinc, which help to reduce free radical damage and develop resistance to a variety of infections, are abundant in jaggery. Additionally, it aids in boosting the blood’s overall hemoglobin concentration. Jaggery is a natural purifier that will assist with liver detoxification. In light of this, you should start consuming jaggery if you have liver-related issues.

Try out these yummy ladoos and thank us later. We are sure you will love it.


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