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Couples Yoga Poses

Couples Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Relationships

Yoga is a word that literally means yoke or union of your mind, body, and soul. When all these are working in unison, it helps you grow. Just like any other practice, yoga allows you to learn and grow. Relationships are also like that. The more you work on them, the more you learn and…

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oga Poses With Animal Names

Top 10 Yoga Poses With Animal Names

The human race has gone through millions of years of evolution and has improved with each passing day. Nature is the only teacher mankind has ever got, and we learned from it tremendously as we evolved. We observed the species, things and living organisms around us and tried to learn something new from them. And…

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Yoga Poses To Build Better Body Balance

The Best Yoga Poses To Build Better Body Balance

What is balance? Balance is the art of taking control of your actions and movements. We all struggle to achieve balance in different aspects of our lives, irrespective of our age. However, have you ever pondered about attaining balance in your body? Yes, you read that right! Surprisingly, we exert more pressure on one side…

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Yoga Asanas To Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects the blood glucose level in your body. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas gland that allows glucose to enter cells for energy. The primary function of insulin is to regulate blood glucose levels in the body. But for diabetic people, either they are not able to…

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Yoga Mudras For Diabetes Patients

Yoga Mudras For Diabetes Patients

Do you feel hungry and thirsty all the time even after your meals? Are you losing weight rapidly? Do you feel the urge to visit the washroom frequently? If your answer is yes then you need to visit the doctor and get yourself checked for diabetes. Diabetes has become the most common ailment today and…

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Yoga Asanas For Diabetes

Yoga Asanas For Diabetes: Does It Really Work?

Diabetes is a life-threatening metabolic disorder that has become very common in modern life. It is generally caused by poor dietary habits, and lack of physical exercise. Modern-day stress and anxiety only aggravate this condition. Besides medication addressing the root cause, which is lifestyle modification should be of the first and foremost importance. We often…

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how to choose yoga mat

How To Choose Best Yoga Mat?

Long-hail yoga for impeccable positive effects on the mind, body, and soul. A holistic practice that builds strength, relieves stress and anxiety and improves your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Unlike other fitness activities, you don't need much gear to start your yogic journey. A good-quality yoga mat will do the job. Gone are the…

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Five Anti-Aging Facial Yoga Exercises

Five Anti-Aging Facial Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Home

Ageing is a graceful process, with age we gain more experience and knowledge but the ardent desire of human race to look younger will never perish, deep down all of us desire if we could look younger than our age, so you see a younger looking skin is not a strange obsession and luckily enough…

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Asanas To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Facial Exercises And Asanas To Get Rid Of Double Chin

A chiseled and toned jawline is all we desire sometimes, especially while scrolling through the post of our favorite Instagram model, but what to do with the unwanted double chin? Double chins can be our arch enemies whenever we try clicking a picture-perfect selfie. But don’t worry, we have got ways to deal with this,…

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Face Yoga Exercises For The Face And Neck

Yoga Exercises For The Face And Neck

You might have heard miracles of yoga and exercise when it comes to overall well-being of the body but do you know with the help of yoga and exercise you can sculpt your facial and neck muscles too?  Now, there is no denying that we all yearn for celebrity like features, pointed nose, chiseled jawline,…

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