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How To Manage Your Boss?

Imagine, your boss asks you to go home on time, encourages you to take leaves for spending time with your family, gives you a promotion and appraisal without asking. Too good to be true, right? Well! real life is way different and dealing with some supervisors can be very challenging. Working with a toxic boss…

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Encourage Children’s Learning

How To Encourage Children’s Learning And Development

Most successful students aren't natural learners. Although a child's willingness to study and general attitude toward school and education are greatly influenced by individual personality, most children who are good learners had to work hard to become good learners at some point. More importantly, any student can become an excellent learner if they have the…

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Power Of Giving And Receiving Love

The Power Of Giving And Receiving Love

Receiving gifts is a wonderful feeling, but it is usually short-lived. Our lives are more fulfilling when we give and share, and there is great inner joy in trying to assist others to improve their lives. Giving provides an intrinsic satisfaction far greater than the gift we receive. "The best way to find yourself is…

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Deal With Jealous People And Haters

How To Deal With Jealous People And Haters?

Everyone has to deal with jealous people, haters, and bitter. Be it Cindrella, Snowhite or Rapunzel, every fairytale story had some extremely jealous villains. How can we be untouched by feelings of jealousy? The cause of the Mahabharata war was nothing but greed and jealousy of Duryodhana. Mother Theresa, the well-known Catholic nun who dedicated…

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Support Your Child to Succeed At School

How To Support Your Child to Succeed At School?

When a kid enters school, it's his initial step toward success.  After that, he begins learning from his teachers all of the abilities he requires to succeed in life. Parents, like teachers, are fully responsible for helping him in performing better at school. School performance is a crucial predictor of a child’s future success. Here…

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Stay Productive All Day

Top 15 Tips To Stay Productive All Day

"How to remain on top of things?" is a popular question among individuals these days. Being productive is difficult, we can all agree. It appears that no matter what applications, tools, to-do lists, task lists, time monitoring apps, and other tools we use, many of us still struggle to stay focused and overcome procrastination. Despite…

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Recipe For A Happy Marriage

Recipe For A Happy Marriage: The 7 Scientific Secrets

Everyone walks down the aisle dreaming of their happily ever after, but keeping a happy marriage is often easier said than done. Not all marriages are perfect; it takes time and effort to build a strong marriage. Mutual attraction, love, trust, responsibilities, communication, conversations, and priorities, all contribute to a happy life and a happy…

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What Is God

What Is God?

What is God? What is the meaning of God? This is a matter that has been taken in a very comprehensive manner. Every religion has a different approach to this. Every religious scripture such as Bhagwad Geeta, Quran Sharif, and Holy Bible depict God in different ways. The Patanjali yoga sutra and spirituality hold a…

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