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Vedanta Philosophy

Vedanta is the world's oldest spiritual philosophy that is based on the Vedas – the most revered scriptures of India. A foundation on which Hinduism is based, it is a very common word that is used in yoga, meditation classes, and other spiritual and religious gatherings. It is derived from the combination of the two words "Vedas" which signifies knowledge, and the "anta" which means the end. If we put it forth in simple words, that means the last step in our spiritual journey. A knowledge that upholds all the reality of the immanent and indivisible; and it doesn't exclude anything. But why are we talking about Vedanta in the modern world? Because the message of Vedanta is timeless and more relevant in the modern world where almost everyone is facing a mental and spiritual crisis. Learn how to find solace through the understanding of Vedanta philosophy with us.