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Chili Baby Corn Recipe For A Flavorful Meal

Hey foodies!  Up for some healthy snacks? Well, we are here with a yummy recipe to ease out your snack cravings and to help your taste buds relish some heavenly flavors, the recipe we will be discussing today is Chili Baby Corn. You might be very well introduced to the street selling sweet corn, thinking…

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Cashew Mayonnaise Recipe

How To Make Delicious Cashew Mayonnaise At Home

Hello foodies! How have you been lately? Being a food lover, I know life becomes bland without some new flavors and dishes but don’t worry, we are here at your rescue. Today we will discuss the finger licking recipe of making the perfect Cashew Mayonnaise.  You might be under the impression that you can choose…

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Healthy Veg Sabu Dana

How To Make Healthy Sabudana Noodles

Hey foodies!  Any chance you were missing us? Well, even if you don’t, we will never stop caring about you. Watching all those Korean dramas and not craving for noodles, is it even normal? Even if you are not into K dramas, trust me we all love noodles.  But noodles are not good for health,…

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Corn and Lettuce Veggie

Creative Ways To Make A Corn And Lettuce Veggie Salad

Hey foodies! Missing some good and nutritious food? Well, we heard you and here we are with our super duper yummy and healthy corn and lettuce veggie. Most of you might not be on good terms with lettuce but here’s what we think, whenever life gives you lettuce, add some corn and make it yummy.…

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Easy Ways To Cook Onion And Ladyfinger Veggie Recipe

Hey foodies!  How have you been lately? I have heard them say, good food is equal to good mood and just to uplift your mood, here we are with good food. Today we will be cooking onion and ladyfinger veggie, but with a twist, which we will reveal soon. The ladyfinger and onion veggie might…

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Walnut Basil Dip Recipe – How To Make

Running out of healthy dip options? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Now you can enjoy your snacks and salads even more with the tasty and healthy walnut basil dip we are going to prepare.  The combined goodness of walnuts and basil gives it an irresistible flavor and taste. Which can make your tastebuds…

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Beauty Khichri

How To Make Beauty Khichri: A Step-by-Step Recipe

Hey foodies! How have you been lately? We assume you kept your taste buds entertained while keeping your health the top priority. And here we are with another yummy and healthy recipe. Today we are going to prepare beauty khichri, beauty and khichri might look like a perfect contradiction, but trust me, our khichri is…

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