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Easy White Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe For Breakfast Or Snack

Do you believe in magic potions? No? Alright then let me make you believe in them, how? Well I will use a pumpkin to perform this magic trick. The magic we are talking about is the rich creamy texture and amazing flavour this smoothie can give you, it has the potential of turning a lazy…

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Millet Radish Roti

How To Make Millet Radish Roti: A Step-By-Step Guide

If food makes your world go round then you're at the right place. We have an amazing recipe to make the ride even more enjoyable, we are talking about some round, fluffy, millet and radish Roti/ Chapatis.  Without further ado, we should definitely start the business, below is the list of ingredients you need.  Ingredients …

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Aloo Patra Recipe

How To Make Delicious Aloo Patra: Recipe And Tips

Hey foodies! Craving for a yummy snack? Then let me tell you the tale of flavour packed, crispy and healthy potato patra, which will definitely leave you praising this recipe more and more. I know reading this has already put you in a good mood, let’s keep this vibe along and dive into the ingredients…

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Khatta Meetha Kaddu Recipe

Learn To Make Khatta Meetha Kaddu – Step By Step Guide

Hey foodies! How are things going? Today we are going to talk about a very beloved veggie that is pumpkin, well most of you might find it hard to gulp down pumpkin but trust me this sweet and tangy recipe will save you the trouble of forcefully eating it. Khatta Meetha kaddu is a super…

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Easy Tofu Bhurji Recipe – Vegan Indian Scrambled Tofu

Hey foodies! Wondering what to cook and savor next? That too without getting worried about your health. Well, here we are, with a new mouthwatering recipe that can totally save your meal from becoming bland, the recipe we will be cooking today is Tofu Bhurji, so without wasting any time let’s learn the amazing recipe. …

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Kadi Patta And Banana Smoothie

How To Make Kadi Patta And Banana Smoothie

Hey foodies! What are you up to? If nothing then we know a perfect plan. How about blending some refreshing smoothies? Well, today we will make a smoothie out of banana and curry leaves, we will be using some other ingredients as well to make its nutritional value even better. Bananas are the first love…

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Lauki Amla Juice Recipe For Weight Loss

How To Make Lauki Amla Juice For Weight Loss

Hey foodies!  What’s up with you guys? Feeling low? Well, we have a perfect juice recipe to cheer you up. Weight is a concern for many of us but the good thing is juices are always there at our rescue, what could be better than juice to maintain a healthy weight, especially in summer, when…

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Easy Broccoli Soup Recipe For Busy Weeknights

Hey foodies!  Is there anything better to slurp than soup? Nope! The recipe we are going to discuss here is famous for all good reasons. First, it has a super creamy texture that melts in your mouth. Second, the perfect blend of spices and flavors and third, it is super healthy. There are more reasons…

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Vegetable Cheese Salad

Easy Vegetable Cheese Salad Recipe For A Quick Lunch

Hey foodies!  How have you been? Looking for some great Salad ideas? We have got you covered. Today we are going to prepare a cheesy salad which is yummy, creamy and healthy. The best thing about today’s salad is, it is super easy to prepare.  Let’s have a look at the ingredients list.  Ingredients  Broccoli…

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Chili Baby Corn Recipe For A Flavorful Meal

Hey foodies!  Up for some healthy snacks? Well, we are here with a yummy recipe to ease out your snack cravings and to help your taste buds relish some heavenly flavors, the recipe we will be discussing today is Chili Baby Corn. You might be very well introduced to the street selling sweet corn, thinking…

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