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Chakras And Their Relationship

Chakras And Their Relationship With The Human Body

Most of us know that there are seven main chakras in our body, and time and again, we have heard people talking about the importance of cleaning your chakras. And of course, people who were born before 2000 must have seen the most popular series of the late 90s, ‘Shaktimaan’. In the show, there were…

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How To Heal Mind And Body With Chakra Meditation

How To Heal Mind And Body With Chakra Meditation?

Our universe and all life forces are made up of energies and we human beings are also an extension of it. We all are driven by these astral forces and these forces play a pivotal role in balancing our Prana (life) force in our body. The optimal functioning of these energy forces governs our physical,…

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Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism

Fifteen Of The Best Meditation Techniques In Buddhism

“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.” Gautam Buddha. 2500 Years ago, India gave birth to a religion that slowly became popular around whole Asia and largely influenced the spiritual, cultural and social construct…

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Advanced Meditation Techniques For Busy People

Advance Meditation Techniques For Busy People

The world we live in is running at a very fast pace nowadays and to keep up with its momentum it is necessary to take challenges and win them and that’s what defines success, but this mad race has shut us away from our true self, the more we are running behind materialistic pleasure, the…

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Secrets Of Deep Meditation

The Secrets Of Deep Meditation: A Guide For Inner Peace

Have you been feeling something off lately? Do you feel that everyday stress is getting on your nerves? Then it might be the time; then you should give your brain a break from all the mundane activities and stress. You can give your mind a break from all the chaos with meditation. Even though meditation…

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Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief

Ten Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief

You may have noticed that when you are stressed your breath becomes shallow and shorter. When we are stressed, our body activates the fight or flight response. It is the response of the body to confront any danger. We cannot avoid stress all the time, but we can develop a healthier way of responding to…

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