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Life can be pretty hectic for students. For example, waking up early to go to school and college, studying late for exams, homework, and juggling meals for hostel and pg students; well, it’s a lot to balance. Also, everyday issues can also cause a lot of stress. So how to balance all of this is quite a question. Well, maybe yoga can help you in balancing all these responsibilities. Yoga for students is probably one of the best ways to balance all the stress that comes with so many responsibilities. Yoga is a holistic practice that works on the whole mind, body, and spirit persona.

Read on to learn the benefits of yoga that students can reap by practicing yoga.

1. Improves Concentration

Improves Concentration

Now losing concentration stresses out every student the most and yoga can help you with this. It helps in clearing the mind, which can free a student’s mind from the constant social banter of college or school life. Some yoga poses improve blood circulation towards the brain. This helps in active cell growth of learning and cognition. This can make it easier to concentrate while reading and studying. Also, breathing techniques in yoga can help to concentrate when they need it.

2. Eliminate Stress

Eliminate Stress

This is probably the most infamous reason for people to sign up for yoga. Yoga is popular for stress-eliminating properties and college students are under a lot of pressure of studies from day one. The pressure to succeed from family and parents, financial struggle, and the pressure to look cool in front of their fellow students piles up and can take a toll on their mental health. Even the ten minutes of morning yoga practice can help them to manage that stress effectively. Also, the deep breathing involved during yoga practice can benefit your mental health a lot.

3. Reducing Conflicts

Reducing Conflicts

Now, most of the students live in the college hostel or as paying guests where some small or large conflicts happen from time to time. Practicing yoga for students regularly can give you confidence and a clear mind to deal with these conflicts in a better way. It also helps students to take better control of their emotions and enhances their ability to deal with these conflicts in a better way.

4. Better Posture

Better Posture

Yoga was developed by Sages and seers to help them to sit for long meditation. Students have to sit continuously for long hours during their studies and lectures which can lead to bad posture. The benefit of starting yoga in school is that it can help them with their posture and other health conditions.

5. It makes them calm and composed

calm and composed

The huge curriculum along with extracurricular activities can baffle the students, not to mention how they deal with social life. The regular practice of yoga and pranayama teaches students to handle stress effectively and deal with other aspects of life effectively. The controlled breathing and movement in yoga teach them self-control, which helps students to keep their anger in check and makes them calm and composed.

6. Improve strength and flexibility

Improve strength and flexibility

Yoga practices are known to improve strength and flexibility. Yoga for students can help in supporting their back throughout long sitting hours and improving strength and flexibility will help you to survive throughout your college life.

Let’s talk about some easy yoga poses for students:

1. Leg up the wall

Leg up the wall
  • To practice this pose, all you have to do is lie down next to the wall keeping your sides close to the wall. Just lift your legs and put them on the wall. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and breathe. You can place a pillow beneath your lower back.

It is the best yoga pose to provide relaxation to you by improving blood circulation to your brain.

2. Cat cow pose

Cat cow pose
  • Start with a tabletop position and keep your wrist underneath your shoulder and knees beneath your hips. Inhale and arch your back down and look up (cow pose). Exhale and arch your back up (cat pose). 
  • This easy to and fro movement is great for the back and also has a very calming yoga for students to remove stress.

3. Child pose

Child pose
  • Start with a kneeling position and sit on your heels. Raise your arms above your heads and while exhaling lower your upper torso and rest your forehead on your yoga mat. You can spread your arms in front of you or you can put them beside you.  Now breathe and relax. 
  • This yoga posture is a great stress reliever and helps in bringing your focus inwards. It also brings gentle relaxation to your whole body.

4. Corpse pose

Corpse Pose
  • This might become your favorite yoga pose. All you have to do is lie flat on your back and spread your feet a little bit wider than your hips. Spread your arms on either side. Now close your eyes and just focus on your breath. You can stay as long as you can in this pose.
  • The corpse pose is probably the best yoga poses for kids to relax completely and let go of any tension.

5. Meditation

  • Now, this is a tricky one, but we are going to give you an easy technique. Sit on a chair and close your eyes and focus on your breath. You can also try counting your breath. For example, while inhaling count till four, and while exhaling again count till four. The counting will help you to stay focused and the breathwork will help in calming your mind. You can try this anywhere.

Bottom Line

Here are some great benefits of yoga for students to deal with stress. We know that nowadays students have to go through a lot and competition to excel in everything is crazy, but even ten minutes of yoga every day can help you a lot. So go on and try it and thank us later.

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