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You have finally decided to shed all those extra kilos. You have to stop eating all the fried, butter, and sweets, and hit the gym five times a week. But you are still not able to lose those kilos. Then you need to make certain changes in your diet. Certain foods can prevent you from hitting your weight loss goal and foods to avoid to lose weight but also for your overall health.

Here are 12 foods you should avoid when trying to lose weight:

1. Fruits juices


Drinking fruit juices every morning may seem like a healthy alternative, but it is not. Most of the fruit juices available in the market have zero nutritional value and are loaded with added sugar. Also, fruit juices have no fiber, which means they won’t give you that fullness like fruit. 

Instead of drinking fruit juice, eat whole fruit, which gives you the effect of fullness and lots of nutrients. You can also make popsicles. All you need is some fresh fruit pulp, refrigerate it for a while and your healthy popsicles are ready with no added sugar and chemicals, watermelon and mangoes can be a great choice for your summertime popsicles.

2. Junk food

Junk food

If you are on your weight loss journey, you should avoid junk food. These contain lots of artificial ingredients, flavor, and colors that give them a distinct taste. Even though these are delicious, they are very unhealthy food for your overall health. These are high in sodium and these flavorings can increase your cholesterol, which is dangerous for your heart health.

 You can opt for stir-fried vegetables which taste delicious and filling also. There are plenty of healthy snack options sprouts and salted makhana Lotus Seeds) for your instant cravings.

3. Alcohol


Alcohol is loaded with empty calories. It slows down the fat-burning process in the body since our body burns alcohol before moving to food and other drinks. Most people add sugary drinks to alcohol; it means more calories. People tend to eat a lot of snacks with their drinks. 

Consider removing alcohol from your diet; however, you can drink wine in moderation.

4. Ice cream

Ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream since it is incredibly delicious. Most people do not stop at 1 cup, hence tend to overeat. Ice creams are loaded with sugar, and high in calories. Even the one with a label that says zero added sugar can lead you to weight gain.

Instead, make your own ice cream by blending frozen fruit with Greek yogurt. Although you need to be mindful with portions.

5. Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are mass-produced in manufacturing units where they lose all their nutritional value and are filled with artificial sweeteners and flavors. It enhances their taste, but one should avoid these.

Go for a healthy, home-cooked vegetarian diet for breakfast which is full of nutrition and gives a great start to your day.

6. Candy and chocolate bars

Candy and chocolate bars

Candies and chocolate bars are high in sugar, trans-oil, and other sweetening agents. These can cause you diabetes in the long run. Since these are high in calories, it is the most common reason that you are not able to lose weight.

Instead of snacking on candies and chocolate munch on nuts, seeds, and pure dark chocolate, which are great for your health.

7. Refined flour food products

Refined flour food products

Refined flour food products such as white bread, pasta, and noodles have zero nutritional value. These are loaded with empty calories and have a high glycaemic index which can spike your blood sugar levels and when consumed in large quantities they can cause severe health complications. 

One should opt for whole wheat flour or semolina flour products. 

8. Frozen and processed meat

People are now opting for frozen and processed meat since they tend to last longer.  Most seafood, ham, and bacon are some common examples of preserved and processed meat. These are low in nutrients and high in sodium, which is not good for weight and overall health.

 You should include vegetarian food for weight loss instead of non-vegetarian. A balanced and healthy vegetarian food is full of all the nutrients which makes it the best choice for your lose belly fat.

9. Sugary caffeinated drinks

Frozen and processed meat

If you love your daily drink of mocha, latte, and Frappuccino in the name of caffeine, then probably you should stop. Adding sugar, whipping cream, etc. to your coffee can make it unhealthy. Since these are high in calories, they can make you gain weight.

It is best to stick to plain black coffee since it boosts your metabolism and helps in burning fat.

10. Baked goods

Baked goods such as pastries, cakes, and cookies are high in sugar, trans-fat, and refined flour, which makes them unhealthy. Also, people tend to overeat them which leads to weight gain and other ailments also. So if you want to get that desirable physique, then baked goods should be on your list of foods to avoid to lose weight.

If you have a sweet tooth it is better to look for pure dark chocolate or maybe a fruit.

11. Salad dressing

Salads are the best food for weight loss, but it’s the dressing that is your enemy. There is no point in ordering a salad in a restaurant or making it at home if you are going to drizzle it same mayonnaise dressing. Most people don’t know it, but mayo has very high-fat content. It also contains a lot of sodium, which is definitely harmful to you.

Make your own dressing with hung curd or lemon juice and avoid too much parmesan cheese to avoid unnecessary calories.

12. Flavored yogurt

Flavored yogurt

Greek yogurt, or any regular yogurt is good for your health and weight loss journey. It contains protein and is great for digestion. Optimal digestion is a key to healthy weight loss. But the market is filled with flavored yogurt which has added sugar which is not good for your health.

There are plenty of vegan options available out there you can switch regular greek yogurt with soy or coconut yogurt.

Bottom Line

The weight loss journey requires a lot of patience and consistency. You need to be mindful of everything you eat. The above-mentioned foods to avoid to lose weight can impact your weight loss journey. So try to assimilate healthy and nutritious options into your diet and you will see how quickly you progress in your path.

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