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Sidhanth Makhija

  • Expertise: Clinical Nutritionist and Performance
  • Experience: 5 years
  • Education:  Clinical Nutrition from Exercise Science Academy Mumbai, Sports Nutrition from K11 School of Fitness

Sidhanth Makhija is a certified nutritionist with an impressive five years of experience in performance and clinical nutrition. With five years of extensive experience, he has honed his skills in guiding clients towards their health and fitness goals. His expertise extends to crafting effective online training programs that facilitate weight loss and muscle gain for his clients. 

He completed his clinical nutrition certificate from the esteemed Exercise Science Academy in Mumbai from October 2018 to January 2019, which solidified his understanding of the intricacies of clinical nutrition. Additionally, he pursued his passion for sports nutrition and obtained a sports nutrition certificate from the renowned K11 School of Fitness Sciences, spanning from April 2021 to April 2023. Sidhanth’s holistic approach considers not only dietary needs but also the importance of physical training to optimise overall health and well-being.

With a wealth of experience in both performance and clinical nutrition, Sidhanth possesses a comprehensive understanding of how nutrition impacts overall health and fitness. His commitment to his clients’ well-being and his expertise in creating tailored training programs make him a sought-after nutritionist in the field. Through his personalized training programs, Siddhanth continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


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