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Mrs. Richa Khurana

  • Education: MBA in marketing from IBS, Pune, Post graduate diploma in business journalism and corporate communication, Delhi University, BBA from IP University
  • Expertise: Vegan lifestyle, Fashion, Chemical Free Living

Mrs. Richa Khurana has completed her MBA in Marketing from IBS, Pune, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Journalism & Corporate Communication from Delhi University, and her BBA from IP University. This reflects her quest for knowledge and excellence.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, her love for nature and commitment to chemical-free living reflect her deep-rooted values of sustainability and eco-consciousness.

She wears her heart on her sleeve when it comes to animals, especially dogs. Running a vibrant dog community on Facebook, a space where fellow dog lovers can share their experiences, rescue, and spread the joy of pet companionship.

Richa’s compassionate lifestyle extends to her dietary choices, as she proudly embraces a vegan way of life, promoting kindness and ethical practices towards animals. Her artistic flair shines brightly through her passion for painting. In her free time, she loves to weave her creativity onto canvas, creating mesmerising paintings.

Her journey exemplifies the power of embracing one’s passions, contributing to a greener planet, and fostering a world of love and understanding.


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