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Mrs. Pushpa Khurana

  • Education: MSc (Math Hons), B.Ed., Trained from Food and Nutrition Board in Food Sciences
  • Expertise: Nutrition, Holistic Cooking, Chemical Free Lifestyle

Mrs. Pushpa Khurana is a remarkable academic and culinary expert who has excelled in both education and cooking. Her academic journey began with a Master’s degree in Mathematics, and then followed by B. Ed. She dedicated her career to teaching and education from 1981 to 2019.

Having taught Mathematics to thousands of young adults, her story takes a twist as she ventures into the world of cooking and nutrition education. She got her training from the Food & Nutrition Board in food sciences. Given her huge interest in cooking all her life, she made it her mission to talk to the world about healthy and tasty cooking. She is the author of a much appreciated cookbook called “Masterchef Nani,” which is based on holistic cooking and showcases her culinary talents.

Mrs. Pushpa Khurana’s journey is a beautiful combination of knowledge and flavours and she is here to share it all with us.


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